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Wanting Security through my job

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  • DelilahCertifiedSMCoach
    Hi stace45!

    The best way to release wanting security is to keep welcoming wanting it until you no longer feel a lacking feeling. The wants are so commonplace for people and so it can take a while to really release all the wanting. See if you can allow yourself to welcome wanting security for as long as it take to release the lacking feeling. This might take 5 minutes or 5 hours or 5 months. But if you give yourself over to it and allow it all to come up it will come up and release. It can also be helpful to welcome up all the "lacking security" feeling too. Remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to release. If you take as much times as you need to welcome any of the wants then they will dissolve.

    Try this:

    Could you resist failing oral tests as much as you do?

    Could you welcome failing oral test as best you can?

    Keep repeating this until failing an oral test doesn't disturb you at all.

    And create a goal statement for yourself on this. Something like, "I now allow myself to love passing oral tests with flying colors." You can use that or something like it in your own words. And release on the goal statement until it feels completely comfortable and likely for you.


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  • stace45
    started a topic Wanting Security through my job

    Wanting Security through my job

    I find myself wanting security through having a job or money. I have been releasing my fears of loosing my job, not having money, or suffering. In my everyday life I still find myself concerned about loosing my job. I find myself wanting my co workers approval thinking that will give me more security in my job. The w/a is definately linked to w/s. I am constantly taking written tests and being quizzed by my co-workers. I think I have problems with being orally quizzed by my co-workers because I get anxious due to w/s or w/a. When I take a written test I have time to release. I have been focused on fear which is helping but I haven't been able to feel secure in my job. I know I have never liked taking tests. I need help with letting go of w/s or some how becoming better at oral test taking.