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  • Tinnitus

    I've had tinnitus for a very long time and had become comfortable with the level of hissing I had in my left ear. A recent illness seems to have upped that level to where I'm having difficulty adjusting to it. Wondering if anyone has had success in releasing on it. It's pretty much driving me crazy right now.

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    Could you let go of wanting it to drive you crazy?

    I also recommend welcoming it as best you can. Which means paying attention to it and welcoming it as best you can.



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      Hi Lindatall,

      In my experience, a major cause of tinnitus is stress which causes us to become ultra sensitive to the sounds, including the sounds in our ears which are always there for everyone. Simply with continued releasing (on everything which causes you stress), as you start relaxing more and becoming less centred on your head and more on the outside world, the tinnitus will ease. I don't know how bad yours is but I used to be able to hear ringing in my hears even while driving a noisy car, but now I can't remember the last time I noticed it. Just keep releasing and trust that it will improve.

      At the same time, get it checked out by a doctor if it's something out of the usual for you, as you might have an ear infection or something.


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        HI Linda!

        I know that there are folks who use TSM to address this because I have partnered with a couple at the retreats. I'd go on Facebook and see if anyone else on there has released on this. Partnering and releasing on this might help too if you haven't already....

        Try this holistic release:

        Could you resist the sounds as much as you do?

        Could you welcome/notice the silence as best you can?