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Anxiety and health problem

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  • Anxiety and health problem

    Good afternoon fellow releasers,

    I on a diet and also checking my glucose. I am diabetic type 2. I have been diagnose a year ago but I was on the edge for many years.

    Things had gone OK. for the lasts months and this week I noticed something odd about numbers : my glucometer and my scale are showing me numbers on the high, even if I eat the same and take very good care of my health and do sports. The glucometer signal is making me nervous. Even if I look thinner and can now wear the clothes I didn

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    Hi mimirhem!

    TSM does not diagnose, treat or cure any physical or psychological condition. We highly recommend that you consult your medical professional regarding this issue.

    We do suggest that you can release on anxiety. One way to do this when you are experiencing anxiety is to see what is actually here right now? Notice what the actual experience is in the moment it is occurring. When you check you likely will see that anxiety is essentially a collection of physical sensations. Then check and see if there is any wanting to get rid the sensations? Could welcome wanting to get rid of them? And then check and see if you can let go of wanting to get rid of the sensations.

    Keep exploring this process and see how that goes for you.



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      My text was cut. It was about the weight scale and glucometer signal going crazy high and anxiety. I was looking for confort and help and find it ! Thank you


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        If you experience physical anxiety, but notice that you are not wanting to get rid of the physical sensations, should you release on the sensations anyway or just leave it alone? Also, if you ask if you can allow the feeling to be here and the true answer is no, do you just continue through the rest of the process and release the "inability to allow it to be here"? I'm also curious if there's ever value to releasing the sensation itself as opposed to the wanting to get rid of it.



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          Hi Brian!

          Apologies for missing this.

          Yes, welcome sensations so that you open fully to them so they can come up fully and release. Yes, you can apply all the releasing processes to sensations and release them that way too.

          Even if you get a no just keep on going with the questions. No is as good as a yes in releasing. Always answer the questions honestly and you'll have a better release. You can have a fabulous release even if you get a no.

          And yes, you can release the sensation itself. Try it and if it works that way for you then that's wonderful!

          Keep letting go into flow,


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            Hi mimirhen!

            Also apologize for missing your post here.

            Notice the whole experience of anxiety. Bring awareness to all the elements of it. And check and see if there is any wanting to get rid of the anxiety. If yes, welcome your answer.

            Could you let go of wanting to get rid of anxiety?

            Would you let go if you could?

            When would you do that if you could?


            Check and see if there is any wanting to control the body?

            If yes, welcome your answer.

            Could you let go of wanitng to control the body?

            Would you if you could?

            When would you if you could?

            There is a beautiful recorded program by Hale that focuses on weight and health that you might find of great value. Have a look at it in the products section.



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              • It's not unusual for mental healthproblems, especially depressionand anxiety, to occur with long-term (chronic) diseases. For example, you may:
                Have diabetes and also feel very sad.
                Be depressed and notice that your physical health is getting worse. Perhaps your blood pressure is going up.
                Have asthma, feel very anxious, and sometimes have panic attacks.


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                Yes AliJon, your point is well taken. Physical illness can take a toll on us emotionally. When using The Sedona Method we acknowledge these feelings, allow them to be here, open to them fully so they can come up and move on through the bodymind and not add to the challenges of physical illness. TSM can help us with anxiety and panic attacks also.