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Trusting issue

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  • Trusting issue

    Sometimes, I doubt what I am feeling and see. It triggers my decisions and my relations. I don
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    This is the second time that my text is cut. I don


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      It seems that I can't write a long text ! Can you give me releasing tips on mistrust ? Thank you.


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        Hi mimirhem!

        First check and see if there is any wanting to do it "right"? Welcome whatever your answer is. And then see if you could you let go of wanting to do it right?

        Once you let go of wanting to do it right you will be able to just go with whatever feeling you think you are having. Start with whatever feeling you are having and the as you release it might get clearer or it might change. Feelings changing while we release is not unusual. But if you just start with the first feeling and allow that to be the right place to start then you will become more and more in tune with what you are feeling right now. In fact, that can be a good way to get better at noticing what you are feeling. Throughout the day just ask, what am I feeling right now? If you keep checking in you'll get better and better at it. If you can let go of wanting to do it right and just keep playing around with the question, "What am I feeling right now?" it will become clearer and clearer.



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          Many thanks for your reply. I am already doing the exercice.


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            Originally posted by mimirhem View Post
            This is the second time that my text is cut. I don
            I've noticed that forum software cuts the text at the quotes and some other symbols. Did you type it in some other editor before pasting it into here or did you type it on your phone?
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              What browser and operating system are you using? Try using a different browser or the advanced options.



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                Hi guys ! I am using Chrome and I write my message on Libre Office before pasting it on the wall. That may be the problem. Mich


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                  It just did it again and I didn't paste the text... Michele


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                    hey, just wanna say I got cut off a few times, too.
                    I think it's the network problem sometimes. whevner I got connected to VPN and log in, things are just fine.
                    the similiar situation like text got cut also happen when loggin in.


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                      also, I think I am having a similiar issue。。
                      so I would like to post here for my releasing it to be, and it won't be necessary just to start an totally new one.

                      so here is how I did it

                      can I allow myself to perceive that if all the feeling are all coming from w/a wc ws and w/0ness?
                      what's the benefits of believing so? d one release and cross it out
                      what's the dis-benefits of ? do one release and cross itout if released
                      repeat f necessary

                      I found this little process helps whenver I am feelinhg quite stuck whenever I feel like to use the method!