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  • Incredible new technique

    Guys I have to post this I had this idea earlier today and it makes you feel amazing no matter what. What you do is think what it is ur trying to release you put it in the following format. So for example say ur trying to release a specific feeling, you think this feeling feels amazing, while moving into it with ur awareness, then all feelings feel so amazing, all of wanting approval feels so amazing, all of lacking approval feels so amazing, all of lacking control feels so amazing. Enough said try it out with everything u can think, using the this ----------- feels amazing. It works I feel out of this world amzing just sitting here feel imperturbable

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    this feels like "acceptance"! I'm glad I see this insight! Home of the Sedona Method


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      and actually I could n=movwe into that more often whener I need it! Home of the Sedona Method


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        Thanks for sharing your discovery yoyoyo!



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          Guys I have never felt happier in my life it's a constant smile on my face all day no matter what. I can't stop it it's like overwhelming. I think I know why this tech is so powerful first ur confronting the issue(want,feeling,fear etc) then ur transmuting it into feeling amazing thus ur not only breaking resistance thus eliminating it from ur life ur also changing in to a feeling of feeling amazing similar to what lester did changing it all to love this idea just came to out of the blue and I went with it it feels amazing just like it says. Try it on ur strongest aversions that's what feels the best say all of not getting what I want feels so amazing and so pleasurable so on.