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  • Questions about 365 releasing

    Hello Everyone.
    First of all , I love you all so much. hope you are all doing great.
    Now, I have purchased online program of 365 releases on the website.
    my favorite thing and the best part is that , i can find all the releases that i want to address and release and that is great.
    since there are so many releases i get overwhelmed thinking that all the issues are going to be resolved hehe and i end up confusing myself as in what to prioritize. i have few questions in order below if they can be answered please
    1. my huge issue is dabbling and not sticking to one thing at a time in all areas of life , i find some new information and delve into it, cleaning kitchen and then leaving that and typing here and then business work and then thinking about how to get women in life and blah blah blah , hehehe and get overwhelmed and frustrated that my life is not in order - the one that i have chosen to fix this is release on "centered and Focused"
    2. what is the best way to plan chosen releases , it it best to do them as a routine or online release when they may arise ?

    this is it for now , but i will be posting lot of questions as i ma new here

    thank you and Gidday from down under


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    1. & 2 Set a goal to do one release a day and perhaps do that one 2 or more times per day. Doesn't matter which release, you'll find that any can help you release. If you've ever watched a child with it's hands full, offered something else, they usually empty both hands and focus fully on the new. So any releain you do will help you become centred and focus.



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      Hi AjaySingh!

      You might explore the topic of sticking with one task to completion using the advantages and disadvantages process. EX: What is the adv/disadv to sticking with one task to completion? This process can uncover what is the underlying impulse to keep jumping from one thing to another before completion. And then you can release on what you have discovered.

      The best way to release is start anywhere and follow your own intuition. Your process will evolve over time. Sometimes it's useful to start out releasing for short spurts if it is too daunting to release for longer. If 5 minutes is all you can tolerate start there and that will change as you notice how much better your feel. And yes, anytime spontaneous releasing is always good too. You can do both!

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        Hi Ajay,

        I'm thinking about getting the 365 package and have been wondering what's covered. I can't find a list of the releases on-line so was wondering whether you (or anyone else who has access to it) would be able to post a screenshot of the list of releases so that I can try to make an informed decision as to whether I should invest in the package.

        Thanks for any help and I hope the releasing is going well!!


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          Hi Jurny!

          The 365 Releasing program covers EVERY THING. Literally every thing.



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            Thanks Delilah - I went for it and I certainly have plenty of material to work with!! :-)

            AjaySingh, not sure this will help with your question, but I've found that a combination of the following works well for me:
            - Working with a general release or something that feels relevant at the time - so as suggested above, using my own intuition.
            - Using "today's release" (a new one is available in the library every day) to open up to other, possibly unexplored areas.

            I've found this combination to work well as a way of exploring things that I am drawn to at the time but then also discovering what else is 'out there'.