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  • Lestors release

    Hi guys :-)

    Lestor talks about letting go of wanting approval the 1 month. Then letting go of wanting to change the 2 month. And finally letting go of wanting security and lastly seperation. (If i understand it right)

    He talks about how he would review his life and look back on how he wanted love from people in his past and then changing it into loving them instead. I guess this is letting go of approval and also like the tech. "squaring it with love". If i was to do the same, how would i do that in practical terms?

    Imagine the face of the person (i dont love)
    Allow whatever emotions etc. to come up and then square it with love?
    Is that not just suppression? I think that if i hate a person, i would not just be able to love that person? Is it more like loving/allowing whatever i feel about them (hate f.ex.). Loving the hate feeling and then letting it go?

    Does anybody know exactly how Lestor did it, if translating it to releasing terms?

    Best regards


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    Hi Henrik!

    The two most fundamental releasing processes are "just dropping it" AKA letting it go and welcoming. All of the releasing processes are essentially invitations and not commands. So if the question is "Could you allow your feeling of hate to dissolve/melt into love?" answer the question honestly because even if you get a "no" to a question you can still have a great release. Welcome whatever feeling does come up and then start the round again. Eventually, through welcoming everything can dissolve/melt into love. A similar kind of releasing question that is very powerful and extremely effecting is to simply ask, "Could you notice the love that is right here, right now?" You don't have to know what the question means or know what to do to make is work. If you just welcome whatever your answer is you will see, through direct experience, how that question eventually results in a yes.

    I holistic releasing we go back and forth between two polarities. "Could you allow yourself to hate the person as much as you do?", "Could you allow yourself to love that person as best you can?" Here we see another way of how hate can dissolve/melt into love.

    "Squaring it with love" is a beautiful process that has emerged from Susan Seifert. In this process the question is always about allowing whatever comes up to receive unconditional infinite love. EX: "Would it be OK if the hate were to receive unconditional infinite love from a source other than yourself?" If the answer is no, we are asked "Would it be OK if the answer "no" were to receive unconditional infinite love from a source other that yourself?" So each question is yet another invitation to open to, or to dissolve/melt into love.

    I am not familiar with the process you describe as Lester's where he focused on letting go of each want for a month. I feel safe in going out on a limb here though and suggest we would just welcome the want and the see if we could let it go until it dissolved. Perhaps when next you are on a support call with Hale or Annrika and Tim you can ask them this question.

    Because "no" is a as good as a "yes" in releasing there is no suppressing. We want to answer each question honestly and that eliminates the possibility of suppressing. Again, answering "no" can result in a great release. The logical mind might not be able to understand why this leads to a fantastic release but eventually through direct experience we discover that it does.



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      Hi dear Deliah. :-)

      Thank you very much for your reply and help. I'll try these out for sure. Thanks :-)