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What if you don't feel any sensations?

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  • What if you don't feel any sensations?

    Hi everyone,

    For releasing fear or anxiety, I notice my heartbeat goes faster and my face getting warmer (sometimes). Those are sensations I feel.

    What about for something like shame or hopelessness? What if there's no noticeable sensation that you feel in your body? The sensation is in the mind so as to speak. I've been told not the think about the thought, since it will produce many other thoughts, but the sensation is in the mind.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi simonvee!

    Welcome to TSM community!

    Can you find where in the mind the sensations are? Do you mean in your head?

    Another way to think about this is to try to explore how do you KNOW what you are feeling? How do you know you are feeling shame or hopelesness? What are the cues or indicators for those feelings and where do you feel them?

    Many of us really only focus from the chin up. It's not our fault that we only focus there. We haven't been taught to look more closely at what the actual experience is of a feeling. So when someone like me says to notice the sensation of a feeling, notice where it is in the body it can at first seem very challenging.

    So let's start with what can actually discern right now. You said you are feeling shame and hopelessness in the mind. If I was in the room with you where would you point your finger to show me EXACTLY where in the mind the feeling is. Is it in your head? Where in your head? In the front, on the side, which side, etc? And now really point to it so that it is really clear for you where the sensation is. That will begin to help you tune into sensations in the head but also from the chin down. Noticing the heartbeat racing is good. That means you are tuning into things below the chin. So keep checking to see how your heart rate is going. And keep looking into the throat and the chest and the stomach. There is a lot of soft tissue in the throat and the stomach that usually does change with feelings. Just keep bringing awareness to these places. Eventually you'll start noticing those changes.

    Keep us posted on how things unfold for you,


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      Thank you Delilah very much for your thorough answer and the warm welcome.

      Yes, noticing the heartbeat and fully embracing it really helped me with fear and anxiety, hence I realized how effective the technique is.

      1) Correct me if I'm wrong: IDEALLY I should focus on the chin down. Although not ideal, it's still okay to focus on the specific location of the SENSATION in my head but not on the thought itself. Correct?

      2) I have tested it out. I realized that I can focus on a given area in my head or even on my face (e.g. warmth) and it does seem to work. Please tell me if this is not an OPTIMAL way of doing it.

      3) Sometimes I lose the sensation so I try to think of that SINGLE THOUGHT REPEATEDLY to elicit the emotion, is this okay? Given that I DO NOT FOLLOW a CHAIN of THOUGHTS.


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        Hi somonvee!

        You're exactly right!!!! We can very successfully release things through the head. The reason we recommend folks explore what's going on below the chin is because we feel feelings there too. Often the feelings are felt more intensely there. You've had a great gains here and that's wonderful! Don't be afraid of where awareness goes. If it focuses on the thought just welcome that. And then check to see what is going on in the head and the body. Yes, you can bring up the thought to stir up feelings. That's perfectly fine to do and we do it all the time in releasing so that we release all the emotional charge around the thought so that's fine too. I would also add that your ability to allow the heartbeat to do what it's doing leading to your getting relief from fear and anxiety is an excellent gain too! Good job!!