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Sedona Method vs.The Law of Attraction??

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  • Sedona Method vs.The Law of Attraction??


    Can the Sedona Method and L.O.A go hand in hand? In other words, can you unify them?

    The Sedona method never shies away from negative feelings or the thoughts of 'worse case scenarios'. On the other hand, the Law of Attraction says what you imagine could manifest into reality. The L.O.A involves visualizing what you want such as your ideal partner or dream job which in turn 'hypnotizes' the subconscious mind to produce constructive and aligned behaviors.

    I may have a knowledge gap in this and as I've heard, but not understood, they do go hand-in-hand. Can anyone explain this unification for me since at the moment, they seem like polarized opposites.

    Thank you

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    I have heard/read Lester as saying 'hold only in mind what you want and it will happen'
    I have heard Hale say to take our goals to the wants , then let the wants go.

    For me, the advantage with the Method over LOA is that it addresses the 'yes buts' .

    eg goal of a new home ...yes but how? is there any wanting/control/let go.
    and so on.


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      Hi simonvee!

      zannieroase is correct. Lester did say "hold in the mind what you ant and it will happen". He was an amazing manifester. The LOA and TSM are compatible if you understand fully why TSM works so well. The idea of holding in in our minds what we want and it will happen doesn't work for everyone BECAUSE of what zannierose was righting about. We have so many intervening thoughts that are subconscious and they interfere with our goals. So what we do in TSM is release all the negatives that come up so that we become imperturbable about having, doing, being the goal and that allows us get out of the way of the having, doing, being the goal. When allow negative thoughts to come up we aren't investing energy into them because we are releasing the energy around them that keeps them in place. If we aren't having, doing, being the goal there might actually be resistance to the goal and the best way to unravel resistance is to release. So releasing takes us deep into the subconscious if we're willing to go there. Essentially, releasing fills in and addresses a lot of the mysterious gaps that result in our not getting the results we want. That might mean that we think we want something but it's not actually what we want. So we work with goals we want by releasing on goal statements. Have a look at the book to see how to write a goal statement. You'll see that we want the statement to be positive but you'll also see that the goals process is much more profound than just repeating a positive thought over and over again. Sop there are parallels between LOA and TSM but TSM goes much deeper and explains and addresses why the LOA doesn't always work all the time for everybody.