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Wanting dissaproval

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  • Wanting dissaproval

    Hello. Please tell me how can I release on wanting dissaproval. I don't want dissaproval. What is this all about? Thank you.

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    Hale tells us everything arises in pairs, so if there is wanting approval, there is also wanting disapproval.


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      Hi Sergiums!

      Zannierose is correct. Everything in the world is dualistic and has its opposite. So even though it may not be readily apparent or accessible in this moment, even you want disapproval at times. Eventually as you keep releasing it will reveal itself. This is not an indictment of your character. It simply means that you are human with human tendencies.

      Your question is an excellent one partly because of what zannierose and I wrote but also because it can be confusing for others too.

      Since you don't want disapproval the way to work with this is to allow yourself to resist disapproval as much as you do. Also, welcome (allow) the feeling of lacking approval as best you can. And allow (welcome) all the disapproval you have for other people, places and things to come up also. All of it is coming up to be released.

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        Wow, wow, wow.

        Thank you for this post, Delilah.

        I read your answer a few days ago and that explanation helped me a lot with my sales process and resisting rejection on the close.
        Instead of trying/wanting to figure out how to let go of wanting disapproval, just allowing the resistance to disapproval to be there and dissolve made it "click" for me, much easier to let go of that and be "carefree".

        Your posts are very helpful and a true blessing.