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  • Do it on yourself

    Hi everyone ,

    In the releasing supercourse there is a cleaning up exercise. Could you let go of wanting to control that person and than could you let go of wanting them to control you back. That was a very powerful process for me and I released aloooot but...
    I know this process somehow more than others helped me in another way because I did this: Could I let go of wanting to control my experience in this moment, and could I let go of wanting to be controlled by this experience in this moment.
    On a deeper level although I have known this for years I have realized a little bit more that Feelings control you so though this, in this moment it helps me much more to welcome the Feelings. This was for me very liberating I have experienced a huge shift.It also helps me more with Attachment and Aversion to the Feelings. Hope this helps. Love and Light to you all