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  • Cleaning up process

    Hello, friends! I'm not experienced in applying SM , but would like to be.
    My question is about cleaning up procedura. When I come to releasing on being separate, I answer the questions, but I can not say to myself that I see the other person " you are me".
    I can accept the person, can feel secure with person, can feel love ( on some level), can allow her to be as she is, but I can not agree or say "you are me".
    Any suggestions what to do?

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    I have a similar response to the unity question too. I just say yes anyway, knowing that I would feel unity if I could, and that one day I will know for sure there's no separation.


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      Thank you zannierose!
      I thought similar to you. Yes I thought that one day I might feel the unity, but not now


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        Hi illa! Hi Zannie!

        Just answer the questions honestly, not the way you want to or the way you think you should. This is true for every single process of releasing. The more honest you are the more effective TSM will be. The problem with answering the questions the way we think we should or the way we want to is that we are creating and maintain the obstacle to our goals. If we want to dissolve the obstacles we have to allow them to come up and express themselves in our releasing process. Otherwise we are just pretending and not really peeling the layers away. If we get a no then allow the no to be here. Don't suppress the no. Don't over-ride the no. Just let the no be here and eventually as you keep releasing you will let go of what needs letting go and your answer will be yes. We don't have to pretend. We can experience what we are looking to experience much more expeditiously if we are honest. Hale talks about how a no is as good as a yes in the book. In fact, we can have very powerful releases even with no for an answer. Answering a question from the present perspective is aligning ourselves with what is appearing right now. Now is where all the power is.

        Here's a release that would be beneficial for anyone who resists the no as an answer:

        Would it be OK for the answer no to receive unconditional infinite love from a source other than yourself?
        Welcome your answer.

        When would it be OK for the answer no to receive unconditional infinite love from a source other than yourself?
        Welcome your answer.



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          Delilah, thank you very much! Yes, I know that the answer "no" is good too. In the same time I wanted to finish the cleanup procedure with particular person, as I felt offended by her and I did not want to keep being offended. So maybe I should just continue realising on " being offended" and not to use cleanup procedura.
          Thank you Dalilah for interesting exercise with " no"! So, can I just finish my cleanup procedura that way? Because in that exercise I get " yes", " yes".
          Thank you.


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            Hi illa!

            If you get a "yes" for an answer then that's your answer so yes, you are correct, keep using the clean up procedure until you are fully free from offence.

            One of the new questions Hale is using goes like this:
            Does beingness get offended?

            Does freedom get offended?

            He is showing us how to let go from freedom and beingness when he uses a question like this. He's not using these questions to chastise or condemn or judge. Hale doesn't judge. And if you allow the bodymind to feel into these questions you might find that the offence just falls away.



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              Delilah, thank you very much! Very helpful


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                I agree with you in this regard, I think of you as well. And your thoughts are really nice. Thank you.


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                  Thank you, Robby77! Wish you all the good things to happen