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Question about identification

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  • Question about identification

    I’m aware of this mind being very cunning, a lot of times it tricks me into believing that the mind is the awareness therefore me becoming completely identified with mind.
    Since practising the Sedona method I can see past that more and more and now I am the one that is aware of the mind.
    However I am having difficulty in understanding how I can be identified with body or even knowing when I’m identified with body.
    The only answer I can come up with is that once I am the one being aware of the body I am no longer identified with it. Is that more or less on the right path?

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    Hi Andy!

    I wrote this for terrym but I think it will help answer your question.

    "So perhaps just start with awareness. Are you aware? Are you afraid of awareness? Or are you afraid of what is appearing in awareness? Allow yourself to notice what is appearing in awareness in any given moment. So there are things that appear in awareness and there is that which is aware. You/me/we are that which is aware. Every now and again see if you notice that awareness is just slightly separate and part from whatever it is that you are aware of. Notice how no matter what is appearing in awareness, awareness never changes. Feelings, thoughts, sensations, memories, come and go but awareness is always here. When thoughts or feelings come or go do you come or go? Or are you always here even when thoughts and feelings come and go? We may not pay much attention to what is always here but nevertheless it is always here. Awareness notices that thoughts and feelings and sensations etc are always changing, but awareness itself never ever changes. Awareness notices preferences, but has no preferences itself. It is just always aware. Your mind changes, your body changes but that which is aware of those changes does not change itself. Play around with this and see what happens..."