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Wanting doesn’t equate to having ?

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  • Wanting doesn’t equate to having ?

    Hi , Hale says wanting doesn’t equate to having , I don’t understand this, surely you first want something and then take steps to have it ?

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    Also doesn’t Hale have a course on goal setting ? How can you have a goal if you don’t want it ? Am I missing something?


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      Hi geoffgary!

      Great question!

      Notice the experience of wanting right now. Notice where the feeling is in the body. If you notice the feeling of wanting, when we aren't releasing, we feel contracted around a lacking feeling. There is a contraction, a grabbing or a clutching feeling that goes along with the wanting feeling. This contracted feeling is a lacking feeling. And this contracted/wanting feeling is not open to flow, to having. In releasing we let go of the wanting, the clutching or the contracting so that we can HAVE, BE OR DO what we are wanting to have be or do. So in releasing or in TSM we are asking if we could let go of the wanting feeling, we aren't asking if we could let go of having.

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        Great Question you have asked.