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    Hello Fellow Sedona users,

    I'm in need of some support please.

    Would like to share, open up a few things that I have been struggling with for a very long time, I'll keep it brief and describe as best I can.

    I got introduced to the sedona release method just a few months ago, started using it everyday, as well as went through the supercourse 4in1.It's been helpful for my innercore as a masculine man that likes to stand firm and strong. I also seem to be highly intuitive.

    I'm a foreigner residing in Poland the last 5 years. I don't speak Polish very well, it's a very difficult language. So when it comes to groups and conversation settings, it's usually me being left out not understanding what is being said, its extremely frustrating and draining most of the time, especially in terms of wanting to meet and talk to women. I don't know why, but I have been struggling to bond and form relationships with women, even though I am very attractive and in good shape, I'm a great guy with lots going for me, but something is just off, I really dont know what and why. I struggle also to take action because I get caught up in my head easily. I have to be careful with my thoughts since it truly has an affect on the other person, so I would like to get rid of subconscious programming in general.

    I've been doing release work everyday for about 3 months, and at this time I am stuck in progressing towards more Acceptance and Love states, I had some blissful states where things flow nicely, and now with new covid regulations and restrictions here (everyone outside wearing a mask, makes things so impersonal / depersonalized), I can feel how most people are in a fearful / annoyed / angry state, and here I am remaining optimistic (most of the time). I seem to be sensitive to energy field of others, I can pick up on things, and tend to stay away from negative people. Many people tend to be passive aggressive and jealous towards me, guys especially (they very dislike and get jealous when foreign men talk to their women and tend to find ways to interrupt and mess things up)

    In a nutshell, I want to get rid of what is holding me back to pursue relationships with women, I want to do something, but I don't really know how to express it in such a way that is clear I also don't want to come accross as apathetic or unpassionate in my approach or interactions, I don't understand why I hold myself back, I've had so many many opportunities but it didn't seem to work out, or I couldnt take the right appropriate action and "speak up". I've had labels that I've heard a few times such as "I am weird / strange" this is the last thing I want to come accross as. The last few weeks I seem to be more in apathy state than having joyous alive energy within me.

    I tried to express as best as I could regarding this issue, I hope it makes sense to someone, there's a lot more I can elaborate on, however I don't think it is needed. I have read Letting go by Hawkins, and Transcending the Levels of consciousness a few times.

    Please help, I am really tired of struggling with this and being stifled in this regard. I really want to get rid of all the blockages towards more effortlessness, I don't get why negativity and self sabotage is so prevalent and easy to fall into.
    Thank you

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    Hi Martinez!

    Good job with all the releasing you've been doing!
    I suggest that you work with the clean up procedures described in The Sedona Method book and in the workbook.
    Take your time with these procedures and run through them until you feel more at ease and at peace with interacting with both women and men.