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Having doubts about the method thanks to an article!

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  • Having doubts about the method thanks to an article!

    I know an article shouldn't change my opinion about a method but to honest I am not able to brush it off considering the new age spiritual section is full of scamsters and frauds.

    I came across an article which spoke of how David Hawkins the author of let go is a huge fraud that he even caliberated a monster and openly racist monster like Winston Churchill who is known to have caused for the death of several Indian to be of a high consciousness being also one of the articles speaks of Lester how Lester plaigarised the Sedona method and committed spiritual rape on a follower and was only interested in financial gain hence had a fallout with Hawkins. I'm posting an excerpt from the article

    ' Published in October 2012, the book "Letting Go" fails to give any credit to its initiator/coauthor Lester Levenson, who himself had plagiarized the releasing methodology [Sedona Method]. Hence he fabricated a narrative which allowed him to market the Sedona Method under his name.

    Lester Levenson
    Following Levenson's "end times" prophecy Hawkins left his clinic, status, 2nd marriage and mansion in New York City and moved to Sedona, AZ, together with his AA companion J Randolph Richmond and ample farming equipment – to move into a house adjoined to the "survival communities" which were advocated by Levenson [the biography on Hawkins Doctor of Truth by Scott Jeffrey uses the pseudonym Sam. See chapter 14 "Out West", pp. 206/236.]
    Scott Jeffrey, himself an alpha student of Hawkins for ten years, wrote in his disclosure book Power vs. Truth. Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins (14. January 2013): "Hawkins and Levenson had a falling out over a real estate deal [1984] and Hawkins came to believe that Levenson was solely interested in financial gain.", chapter 2 "Calibration Method", S. 59, Kinde location 1021
    In Doctor of Truth, chapter 15 "Temptations", pp. 234-235 one may read that "a negative entity spoke through Sam [Levenson] claiming that it [...] was higher than both Christ and Buddha. This entity [...] began speaking through Sam, furious at the thought of not charging for the technique [SM]. [...] David witnessed that, in the presence of "demonic entities," there was a prevailing smell of rotten eggs."
    Furthermore, Hawkins discovered that Levenson had committed plagiarism [theft including "spiritual rape"] on the woman, his "protege", who had originally discovered the methodology of the Sedona Method [cal. LoC 490].

    Hawkins, still adhering to Levenson's teachings, fell for the erroneous concept of "letting go negative emotions" – and hence tendencially also his community/readers.
    Footnote 3: "Lester Levenson, the founder of the Sedona Method, erroneously taught that people can permanently "go free" from negative emotions by releasing the energy of these negative emotions over a period of weeks or months. [...] While we can process through the emotions of a particular experience, we can't permanently eliminate negative emotions; they are part of our unconscious. I believe Levenson himself dissociated from his emotions and then called himself 'enlightened.' Hawkins, as a devoted student of Levenson for nearly a decade [1976-1984], followed suit and then incorporated this distorted understanding of emotions into his own teaching system."
    "In an attempt to climb up Hawkins' scale of consciousness, it's all too easy to cut ourselves off from the qualities that partly define us as human beings – that is, our negative emotions. And when we do, we drink the same poison Hawkins did (called "delusion" in the wisdom traditions). The further we attempt to move away from these negative emotions, the more we disconnect from our personal shadows and our humanity. We become unloving to ourselves and we close our hearts to those that appear different from us. We shun those whose beliefs and perspectives are different from our own. Our world gets smaller and smaller. And we become more anxious, paranoid, and afraid." Scott Jeffrey, Power vs. Truth. Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins, "Epilogue", S. ~234, January 2013

    Himself living proof that the Sedona Method does not work, David Hawkins dissociated from his inner feminine, the dream state, his body, emotions, and mind.'

    I'm sorry I don't mean to upset anyone but this article is just not going out of my mind. If someone has more information about this please enlighten me I would be very glad to know more about it if it can put my mind on ease.

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    Heres the link to the article


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      Hi Nick185!

      David Hawkins plagiarized Lester and The Sedona Method in much of what he taught.
      David and Lester had a falling out over real estate and David went from being a huge fan to someone who was out to prove Lester wrong.

      Lester did work with a group of people to come up with TSM however there was nothing nefarious about it. The Sedona Method is a conglomeration of his teachings from over many years of working with people.



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        Thank you Delilah for the reply.

        This clarification has helped me a lot.