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  • Release for escapism?

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend good releases for escapism. I have noticed through releasing that I seem to really enjoy creating my own fantasy world and escaping the "real world". I love being home, spending time in my yard and garden, with my animals, cooking, watching tv, whatever. I feel good in my little world. I earn enough money and live a modest enough lifestyle that I only have to work 20 hours per week to make ends meet. And some of that I can do from home also. But when I have to participate in a work related activity, even if it is from home, I feel resistance to it. When I have to actually leave the house for a meeting or something, I feel really hassled and inconvenienced. Even though I remind myself that many people have to leave their homes every morning and work 40 hours per week, and I am relatively lucky. The feelings of discontent with having to work still come. I have similar feelings on a smaller scale just from having to leave the house to do errands or whatever. I can't wait to get back home to my own little peaceful world, and I just hope nothing too stressful will happen in the outside world while I am there. (I am not against leaving the house all together however, if I am leaving to go on a hike in the woods or fishing or something, I love it, Maybe because that is something I want to do.)

    I would like to get joy and fulfillment from my job, and from participation in the outside world in general. I previously thought the way I was operating was normal (i.e., everyone hates their jobs and running errands and it is just something to get through until I can get back home). But I'm starting to realize that this "escapist" mindset as I am referring to it, is not a healthy thought pattern. In Hale's words, I think it comes from a "fear of living life to the fullest."

    Mainly, I want to enjoy all the facets of my life including those requiring me to interact with the outside world. It would also be nice to make more money, and if I actually enjoyed my work I might put more time into it and do that. I've been releasing on the resistance with some success. Are there any other releases you guys can recommend on this topic? Thank you!

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    Hi jheath86!

    You might try a holistic release like:

    I allow myself to escape as much as I do.
    I allow myself to get things done as best I can.


    I welcome resistance to getting things done as much as I do.
    I resist resistance to getting things done as best I can.

    Releasing on resisting resistance is a very powerful release on resistance.

    You also might find releasing with a goal statement about your work useful. Something about allowing yourself to enjoy your work, in your own words though, can be helpful.



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      Thank you Delilah. I am finding releasing on resisting resistance very powerful. The holistic way makes it feel like a game with the resistance and makes it easier to let it go, I like it.

      I am going to write a goal statement and release on it as well. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. I have had success with goal statements using the method in the past. I looked back at all the goals I had done in the basic course, and I realized that I had actually achieved them all without really noticing or efforting at it. Some of those are not in alignment with my current goals (I took the basic course in 2015), but its nice to know that I can write goals, release on them, and then either achieve them or let them go if I realize they are not my true goals.

      Thank you again. I feel blessed everyday to have discovered the Sedona Method. I used to be a quite miserable person with dysfunctional relationship patterns. My life is much healthier now and I spend a great deal of my time in peace and happiness.


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        thanks for sharing your gains


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          Hi Jheath86,

          Just a quick thanks for sharing your situation and for requesting assistance with it. I'm in a very similar boat with my life situation. Likewise I love holistic releasing, makes me laugh and release easily.

          I hadn't framed this stage of my journey as escapism before - but looked upon objectively i can see it as such. Lots of resistance to doing the goals process *sigh*, perhaps its time. Best wishes. Thanks for the releasing suggestions Delilah, I shall have a play.



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            Thanks for the reply Mike. I'm glad my post was helpful to you and it's nice to know that someone can relate to what I have been experiencing!



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              Jamie, sounds like you are successful in goals with CM. I still do not understand, what it means to "release on goals". Could you please bring a simple example?
              Anyway, thank you for your post,


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                Hi Lucia, Basically you write your goal statement. Include what you want but not the things you don't want. (For example, if you want to quit smoking, "quit smoking" should not be part of the goal. You could say something like "I allow my body and lungs to be clean and healthy", or whatever works for you.) Write your goal down and read it to yourself. See what comes up and welcome it. You can write the thought or feeling down that comes up. Then see if that is coming from wanting approval, control, security, separation, or oneness. Write down which want it is coming from (W/A for wanting approval, etc.) Welcome and then let go of the underlying want. The idea is that everything in opposition to your goal will come up and you can release all of that which will make achieving your goal actually effortless. In each session it is good if you can release until the point you feel "hootless" about achieving your goal. Meaning, you feel like you already have it. In my experience I don't always get to the hootless point in every session, but either way you are letting go of obstacles towards reaching your goal the more you release on it.

                Have you taken the basic course? There is a lot about releasing on goals. The Effortless Creation course is also awesome, but I think the basic course is the best place to begin.


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                  Hi illa!

                  You can read all about The Goals process along with most of the other processes in The Sedona Method book.
                  Here's a link for that. YOu can find a used copy for only a few U.S. dollars.



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                    Thank you, Lamie and Delilah!
                    yes, I have a book. The thing is, that English is not my native language and sometimes I do not feel it enough well. .
                    I will read again and again and also keep in mind, what Jamie said.
                    Thank you, both again,
                    PS: and, yes, I too like to spend time with my plants in the garden. I even talk to them and sometimes they reply. For instance, I told pine tree, that he was beautiful and I asked " do you have a name? And in my mind I clearly "heard" - "Leonardo". Now I greet him "good morning, Leonardo!". Do not think, I'm insane. But I would not tell this to many people


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                      Great illa! Have a look at the book when you are able. BTW, I communicate with trees and plants too.


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                        I talk to my plants and trees too! I've named a couple of the trees that I feel connected to "Papa Pine" and "Weeping Mary".


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                          O, nice!