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Letting Go of a Past Love

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  • Letting Go of a Past Love

    What would be the letting go process be for letting go of a long lost love?

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    Have you done the clean up process on this person?



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      Hi Pamela!

      You can find the "clean up" process in The Sedona Method book.


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        Thank you both so much!!!!

        I am new to the Sedona Method and I still need to order the book, so, no, I have not done the clean up process yet as I don't know what it is. Thank you for letting me know, Zannie, that there is a clean up process for me to look for once I get the book.

        If you want to give me any insights while I am waiting for the book, that would be great!

        Delilah, Thank you so much for the ordering link!!!!

        Thank you both!!!!
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          I would do the clean up process if I knew what it was.

          I did just order the book, hopefully it comes soon.


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            Hi Pamella!

            The clean up process is a bit too involved to write out here.

            Without having the book or the basic foundational course it will challenging to explain how any of the processes work.

            The easiest thing to start with is to understand that the first two basic ways to let go are:

            1. To just let it go. IOWs drop it like you would a pen from your hand.
            2. The second most fundamental way to let go is to welcome. Welcome whatever you are feeling. Synonyms for welcoming are, "allow, notice, open to, invite up, observe, bring awareness to, etc." So if you are holding on to a long lost love, welcome the holding on. Allow yourself to hold on as much as you are. Take your time with this. Really open to the holding on. And then every once in a while see if you can let go. If not, then go back to holding on. As best you can, let go of any disapproval for holding on. And then again take your time with holding on. And then again, check and see if you can let go. Keep doing this and see how that feels after a while.

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              Thank you!

              I ordered the book today, from the link you sent earlier. Hopefully, the book comes soon!