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    There were so many gems in this that I'm going to have to listen to it many times.

    The beginning really helped me and brought up a bunch of stuff from elementary school that has affected my financial position. Stuff I had no idea about but was really powerful yet was operating beneath the surface somehow. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    Also the part about not tying releasing to something physical is a major solution for me. I"m going to continue letting go of having to release with a physical reaction.

    What a wonderful experience. I feel so blissful now.


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      I feel that it's from G-d, this exact right timing that I received today's e-mail from you! I've been listening to you and to the question and answer period. I've found that the questions that were asked so much pertained to me. The connection with Sedona and The Law of Attraction is what I'm really into. Thank you, thank you!! I've taken the course in Israel about 15 years ago and found it helpful and then simply forgot about it. I don't believe how I could have done that! Today, you've revived me! WOW! I would like to know how I could hook up with someone in Israel who is in the Sedona Releasing Community. I would appreciate your help on that.
      Much love


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        The first I was exposed to Sedona was 15 years ago when my mother died. The releasing was very helpful. During the years I forgot about releasing as weird as it sounds. Just today I received your e-mail about connecting with the Sedona Community and I listened to your talk and the questions and answer period. It was from G-d, this whole connection! The questions asked were exactly MINE! Connection between Sedona and The Law of Attraction! I can't thank you enough for your guidance and persistance in your life's mission to help so many people all over the world. I would love to connect to someone here, in Israel who is a part of the Sedona Release Community. How do I find out who they are??

        Much Love


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          That was a big help to see the feeling as separate, and that I could view that feeling from a different vantage point.


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            in answer to this questions of yours:

            I would love to connect to someone here, in Israel who is a part of the Sedona Release Community. How do I find out who they are??
            Have a look in the Forum Letting Go Support and Calls
            you'll find people who would like to have a release partner.

            Or you can post your own request there.

            And have a look at this posting:

            Clarie van de Langenberg --- Sedona Method® Certified Coach
            E-mail: [email protected] -
            Sedona Methode Nederland - Facebook group:
            Reconnect Yourself - Facebook Page
            Official Sedona Method websites: -


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              Originally posted by benvsweb View Post
              click the play button to play

              thank you!
              Do what you do when you are doing it, and don't do what you are not doing when you are not doing it!


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                I have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this. It is amazing how things unfold how they should. I have been looking at this recording for several weeks and never took the time to listen, but everything on that recording is applicable to my very situation. I have had the same conflicts with my spouse that one of the participants was having....
                The timing is impeccable!!! Thank you for all that you do.


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                  Hi everyone,

                  I have just taken part in the Financial Liberation Retreat here in Sedona where I'm very fortunate to live. I always come to these retreats with an open mind and heart, not even wondering "how much better can it get?"......and it does, both naturally and effortlessly, beyond any expectation the mind could have dreamed up.
                  This week, as the whole concept of goals and manifesting what you want is seen through, the entire limiting belief system of scarcity and lack falls away.....which is wonderfully liberating in every way; including, but not limited to, financial abundance flowing freely into my bank account while I'm on retreat!!

                  There were 105 participants from around the world on this retreat.....look for their gains here too. The retreat was filmed and will be made available soon for the rest of the world to benefit and enjoy.

                  Love, Annie
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                    Thank you for the update. I'm looking forward to those videos.
                    Susan Seifert
                    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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