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  • Sign Up for Free Sedona Method Support Calls

    These Support Calls, led by Sedona Method Licensed Instructors and Certified Coaches, are a great way to get started with the Method or to keep your momentum going if you've been releasing for awhile, after you've attended a Sedona Method seminar, or while enjoying the letting go videos.

    Hale Dwoskin - Sign up here for Hale's Support Calls

    Annrika James & Tim McCavitt - Licensed Instructors and Certified Coaches
    Sign up here for Annrika & Tim's Support Calls

    Delilah Praete - Sedona Method Certified Coach
    Sign up here for Delilah's Support Calls

    Karyn Klapecki - Licensed Instructor and Certified Coach
    Sign up here for Karyn's Support Calls

    Susan Seifert - Sedona Method Certified Coach
    Sign up here for Susan's Support Calls

    These hour-long sessions offer valuable releasing support, especially if you are new to letting go. The calls address whatever issue you may have, allowing you to deepen your understanding and use of the various processes of The Sedona Method. A call may start with a group release in which all participants are muted and the facilitator guides you through a letting go process. Then the floor is opened up for questions, sharing and assistance. You may choose to ask for releasing assistance with something you need help with or simply remain on the line while listening and releasing along with the person who is receiving support. You will still gain enormous benefit following along with the processes that others are doing.

    Please note: The Sedona Method does not treat, diagnose, cure, or advise about any medical condition; it addresses the psychological and emotional component associated with any medical condition. Please consult a medical professional regarding any health issue.

    Note: These calls are completely free of charge, but your normal long distance charges may apply.

    We look forward to you joining us!
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    Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
    [email protected]

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    Dear Annrika

    This is a good opportunity to thank you and Tim, Hale, Susan (and Delilah and Karyn, though I haven't heard your voices yet) for your free support calls. Thank you for all the wonderful explanations and advice, the guided (group) releases, and the laughs. And thanks to all those who participate live, share their issues and gains, and ask great questions.

    No doubt, having the course(s), attending seminars, retreats and/or private coaching sessions are the easiest and fastest ways to releasing. Your free support calls are priceless gifts, especially to those (like me) who can't afford or do all or any of this right now. Working with the book alone is a great way to release a lot, but many of us get stuck somewhere on the way (pitfalls, feeling overwhelmed, etc.). It's such a relief when you can relax and listen to an audio, to someone guiding you through - and so much easier to let go, even of very painful issues.

    Ever since I started listening to the recordings available( not very long ago), I've been able to let go of big loads, some many decades old. Listening to parts of those calls (a kind of "releasing-first-aid-kit"), I've never felt stuck again. It's truly amazing how much easier and faster the whole process has become, how everything unfolds and unravels. With every releasing step, that sense of inner peace, joy and love, gets stronger. And it's great to see how the "outer world" is responding to the cleaning process inside.

    The Sedona Method is the most helpful, gentle and effective method, with the most loving and generously giving guides I've ever come across. Thank you all!!

    I'm looking forward to your next free support calls, and to Fiona Moore's virtual Letting-Go event.


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      Dear canary,
      Thank you so much for sharing your gains and for your loving feedback.
      I'm sure I speak for all of us hosting support calls when I say, it is our pleasure.
      With love,
      Annrika and Tim
      Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
      [email protected]