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  • asking help form Hale

    I am releasing and meditating and taking action on my goals i guess apropiate action. To find a romantic partner i am in Tinder that is an app for finding partners also to have fun but i have found goog serious men, but iguess they feel i am not ready or something that they end up leaving. I have a 17 years old son and life with him and my father is chaotic and i dont find a way to fix it so i release in trying to fix the chaos... also i am an actress and i am avery good one and i go to televisa in mexico where i live to search for opportunities and producers keep telling me there is no role for me eventhoug they know i am good. I dont know what else to do ... i feel is karma or a curse.. please help me to release...

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    hello Yeka- Hale does not answer questions on this forum.If you require assistance from him you could join in his free call today (Feb 2nd)...go to sedona dot com and sign up , then call in and see if he takes your call.
    You may also find that other releasers who use this site may have helpful remarks for you.



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      Hi yeka!

      Often when we feel stuck it can be very helpful to release on the feeling of being stuck. Welcome the feeling as best you can. Notice any wanting to change or get rid of the stuck and welcome that too. Then as best you can, let go of wanting to change or get rid of the stuck?

      And it can also be helpful to release on our personal identification with any circumstances. See if you can just allow the following questions to wash over you and just notice your reaction to any of them.

      Can you welcome everything that you have shared in your post?

      And can you welcome all the thoughts, feelings, images, sensations, and memories about all these things and the people you mention and even yourself?

      And then can you welcome any feeling that any of this is personal to you, that it is about you, who you are or that any of this is personal to them or that this is about them or who they are?

      Then check, would it be OK if the feeling that any of this is personal just dissolved?

      Welcome whatever answer you get...

      And finally, exploring advantages and advantages to having the goal and not having the goal can be very illuminating.