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Letting go of people saying no

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  • Letting go of people saying no

    hi I have many years tried to remove old friends from my life. They keep coming in and out and I keep holding on but knowing it does not serve me. They are nice but I am not in alignment anymore and it doesn

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    My whole story didn


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      Hi Cal32!

      Sorry you're having trouble posting here. I am not sure why. We will be here to answer any questions when you get things sorted out. I think if you are copying and pasting from one device to another that that can be problematic. If that's not the issue then I hope you can figure things out anyway.



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        Cal32 I was having this problem (posts being cut off) and found that if I switched from Safari and used Firefox all was well.


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          I had a similar issue and found that the forum would not accept UTF-8 encoding. I write in US ASCII from then on with out any special characters like apostrophes and this works. The first two posts appear to be have cut before an apostrophe.. If you just use a-z, A-Z, numbers, dot, comma and the minus sign -, what you have is US ASCII.

          It appears the forum accepts an apostophe, but with a different encoding than UTF-8. I have no idea what encoding as the HTML of the webpage does not seem to indicate a charset. But it accepts the apostrophe in the post from Delilah.

          Just testing whether it accepts this apostrophe: '. Does it also accept this one: ` Here is some more text.


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            Well now it just works, for both apostrophes. Maybe this issue has been fixed.