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Intense fear about income and work

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  • Intense fear about income and work


    I've recently quit my job because I was really unhappy in the position and was not comfortable with some of the ethical directions the company was taking. I still have 4 weeks worth of income before I need to find another job and my partner has already said we can afford for me not to work. However, today I have this incredible fear of not having any money and that I won't be able to find a job OR even worse, ill have to work in another job I hate. I feel terrified and the fear feels so intense I almost can't concentrate on anything else. I'm also noticing that my fear thoughts are becoming irrational to the point where I'm planning for problems that actually don't exist and probably won't. I don't regret my decision but am starting to feel really uncomfortable in the fear sensations. I'm releasing but the fear still feels intense. could someone offer some suggestions?

    I think the money and security has a lot to do with it.

    sending gratitude in advance.


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    Hi Bry!

    Usually fear gets stuck because it's so uncomfortable feeling. The discomfort then leads to more fear. If you could pay attention to the sensations of the fear, how uncomfortable they are, the sensations are the actual experience of the fear, and allow them to come up, IOWs, welcome them they will subside. See if you can actually stay with the sensations and just put the details of the thoughts, the whole story about a job etc. because that is just energy, ( AKA sensations ) coming up to be released. Let them come up little by little and you'll start to notice that the sensations become less and less intense. That is essentially what happens when we let go of fear. Be patient. give yourself time. See if you can be open to the possibility that it's a good thing that these sensations are coming up to be released. The more you can allow them to come and let go, the more energy you'll have to give to whatever your next move is.

    It's also useful to consider that there is a fine line between fear and excitement. If you were having the same intense feelings with a different story you would be enjoying them.

    Also release on the wants. Welcome the answer "no" if it comes up when asked to let go of any of the wants. You'll have a great releasing if you answer letting go questions honestly and not how you think you should or how you want to. "No" can and will result in a great release if you're honest about the "no."

    Keep us posted on how things unfold,