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    Hi I am starting the financial Liberation course, however I don't know where to start and how?
    Is it with the videos then move to the audios or both at the same time? are the videos the same as the audio ?
    There is no explanation of the program? Could you please help ?

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    sarah 07 Hi Sarah! I did the Financial Liberation course live and it was all video. I think the audios are simply exactly the same apart from the visuals - to save space/download speeds when you’re listening later. I would start with all the videos - it does help to be able to see aspects of it all.

    The only part that wasn’t video are the couple of support calls that came part way through the course.

    My experience of this forum is that it’s not particularly active, but I’m not sure that people get notifications when there are responses - that’s why I use the @ sign before someone’s name as I think maybe that does prompt a notification.

    Just to share my experience of the FL course, it was great but it did take a while to get going. There’s masses in there! I’d love to hear how you get on with it. Best wishes.


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      Hi sarah07!

      There are audio recordings of the same material in the videos. And then there are the support calls. I recommend that you start at the beginning and move through consecutively. It will make more sense to you if you do. However if you find yourself jumping around it's OK. I think in the end you'll want to start from the beginning. The recordings are meant to be watched/listened to repeatedly. You'll find that there are things that you didn't hear the first several times that will jump out at you and help you move forward.



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        Thanks all for your reply. I also want ask you, is there any programme specific for children age 12 or more. I feel I influenced my child with my negative thinking earlier in his life, so he is mirroring me . I tried to introduce him to the sedona method but i felt it's too adult for him


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          hi Sarah, I do not think there are any courses aimed specifically for children/teenagers


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            Hi sara07!

            Zannierose is correct, there are no programs geared specifically for teenagers. I have worked with folks as young as 14 years old using the basics and they caught on right away and did quite well. You can explore some of the releasing with your child and see how he responds. You can ask him if he likes answering the questions and see what he feels and thinks about the process. It's always a good idea to release on things pertaining to our children. When we let go we are less likely to bring negativity into our transactions with them and that changes the dynamic between us and them. They benefit from any changes we make for ourselves.