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Haven’t been able to “Let go”

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  • Haven’t been able to “Let go”


    So I’ve been reading the book of “The Sedona Method”, and really blew my mind how everyone is so bitter all the time, and how happiness is there for us, and being it so simple and easy. But I’ve only been able to let go with the second and third method; haven’t really been able to do so with the first one. Someone has had this difficulty?

    Also, I’m 18 male. Although I consider myself a very social guy, like most teens, there’s certain “social anxiety” of not fitting in with others. When I’m walking in the street and see a cute girl, after reading Sedona Method, I knew I needed to let my feelings come up and stop repressing, but it just got worse. I just resist to let go of anxiety massively, and I just seem tense and worried with the girl. What technique would you use for this situation?

    thank you very much! Appreciate your help.

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    Hi Nicoroav!

    If you are talking about just "dropping it" when you refer to the first method it might be helpful to think of it this way. While sitting in a chair, let the weight of your body drop down into the chair. Notice all the places your are holding up the body and then just let them go so that the body has its full weight and just drops down into the chair.

    Welcoming anxiety fully allows it to come up and release with more ease. This is true for all the feelings.