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some success on wanting to be one (releasing it...)

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  • some success on wanting to be one (releasing it...)

    Hi guys,

    I came in to post this thread to share some of my success in releasing the wanting to be one!

    in my world, I always used to have conveying some tint of "authenticity" , or more generally, wanting to live it out...

    well, I don;t know how to put all this in one simple sentence, but to begin with , I 'd say today a word strikes me, "ass-y".

    Being an international student studied aboard, I see some of my fellows describe themselves like that. well i did do some search and, plus my own understanding,

    he's trying to mean
    " i know i am alive but playing dead,"

    so, as you could imagine, what that sounds to me back time.. I feel a sense of dislike and disapproval of that

    But, today I see it is my own wanting to be one,

    so after some release ,I also realized that back then I was kinda anti-ego, well and i had a clever mind, and I managed getting myself into the "vicious circle" of Medical Student Syndrome, meaning I am making lots of this coming true .....

    I thought I had neurosis and had kept reinforced it for a long time...

    and said that, I don't really know to cry or to laugh......... .....
    really a OMG feeling coming up now.. haha .

    just, it's just, well, the releasing helps.

    I also come to understanding some folks talked about the disclaimer, remember here we do not treat, diagnose any mental disorder or specific issue, and we recommend you consult a professional about it.

    used not to getting it, but now it makes all the sense haha !!!

    , Joy
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    Hi Ayi!

    Thanks for your share! Glad to read that you are making progress!