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The exact sensation of releasing

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  • The exact sensation of releasing

    One of the only concerns that I have always had with releasing is ensuring that I am not just suppressing the feeling.. while thinking I released it. The exact sensation that I feel when I go through a release is like a piece of food was stuck in my chest or a lump in my throat and it just got pulled down by gravity and now there is momentarily a vacuum. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Hi samyc!

    There is no one particular or right sensation from releasing.

    The sensations you describe here are just what you are experiencing in this moment. Check and see if there is any wanting to figure what any of it means. If yes, then welcome that and then see if you can let go of wanting to figure it out.

    One way to guarantee that you are not suppressing is to get really good at welcoming. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. Welcoming is allowing whatever thought, feeling, image, sensation, memory to come up fully. That is the exact opposite of suppressing. In fact the better welcomer we are , the better releaser we are. You can actually release everything just by welcoming.

    Also, if you answer the questions honestly, not how you think you should or how you want to answer them then you will not suppress anything.

    What ever experience you are calling a vacuum, see if you can just welcome the vacuum, welcome the experience of it fully. Allow it to do what ever it's doing in whatever way it's doing it as best you can.

    Also, essentially releasing is an energy modality. Things can release down, up, spinning around, horizontally etc. We can release through every part of the body. Energy is like water. It is fluid and shape shifts and has no preferred direction to move through. The more you keep releasing the more you will see how fluid releasing can be.

    Keep letting go into flow,


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      That really made sense to me.. and my releasing has been so much better since i read what you wrote about energy shape-shifting! Thank you!