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My experience of letting go/releasing

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  • My experience of letting go/releasing


    I am new to the Sedona Method, having started the book a couple of weeks ago. In that time I read and re-read the first few chapters, and worked the technique into the flow of my daily activity. I have some deep and strong feelings that I need to resolve and a few days ago I decided to release on one of the primary "issues" in my life. This situation is the source of most of the negative thoughts that I have had on a daily basis, and involves my relationship with several individuals.

    I sat on the couch when I was alone and knew that I had plenty of time. It was almost as if the Universe served up this opportunity - everyone who was supposed to be home and around me suddenly had plans to be away for the day. Anyway, I called to mind the issue and began to work with the techniques. During the 2 hours that I devoted to this my body began by reacting "actively", with my arms and legs twitching and moving as I answered each question to myself. With each release I could feel an upswell of energy coming from deep in my lower abdomen, and radiating upward strongly as water would rush through a firehose. Each release was accompanied by these movements of my arms, legs, and torso. Sometimes after a release I would yawn deeper than I ever thought was possible. My eyes teared incredibly, and sometimes my mouth would open and I would laugh deeply. As I cycled through the technique over and over, these movements diminished and then ceased and my last release was marked by a faint sensation in my torso, similar to water trickling through a hose.

    I wanted to share my experience because I'm wondering if these types of reactions, which I really didn't expect, are typical of releasing really intense feelings.

    Thanks in advance for any advice or words of wisdom,


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    Hi mikec9!

    Welcome to TSM community!

    Yes, all of the things that you have described here are common kinds of experiences for folks who are releasing. TSM is really an energy modality. The "stuff" that we are looking to heal, resolve or evolve is really just energy coming up to be released.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience,


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      Hi Delilah,

      Thanks very much for taking the time to reply to my post. I have some experience with other energy based practices, but I have to say I was surprised by how quickly this technique worked. It feels like I've been ushered into a different level of being and experiencing life, and I feel more at peace now than I ever have.

      Thanks again for letting me share,