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Need Help: Panic and extreme anxiety/sensation in chest

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  • Need Help: Panic and extreme anxiety/sensation in chest

    Hi everyone, last night I had a deep experience of simply being and identifying with the witness. I then felt really hot and googled it and i found it was a kundalini awakening. I followed that thought which brought a lot of fear with it and got trapped in the ego.

    Then there was a knot of anxiety in my solar plexus, just extreme energy there. This was all night and I couldn't sleep. Then I fell asleep and here I am again, woke up a hour later and a deep anxiety in my chest. Worst I've ever felt. Then I looked up Kundalini symptoms and I feel like I awoke it accidentally, and I saw it could cause panic attack and even "death" or something, which is making me panic even more.

    It's still here as I type this, I can feel like.

    Has anyone experienced this and can guide me on what to do? Its extreme fear/anxiety. I haven't slept all night and I don't feel tired one bit, and want to return to that blissful witnessing state.

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    Panic Averted.

    I realize now that the pain was simply that huge amount of energy inside a tiny little ego. I simply used the 5th way, and self inquiry to return as the self and that anixety/panic energy is just nourishing, alive, energetic. It's now 10.30am the next day and I'm not slightly tired. I understand Lester's energy when he said there's such so much. I feel it, yet there is no one to feel it.

    I'm now going to practice staying as this self, as when I reside as the self, emotions and thoughts just drop away. The ultimate releasing.


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      Actually it wasn't kundalini or anything like that. Just my mind playing tricks on me. It was just a panic attack! ha-ha. I was in a state of excitement, and as I now know is the same sensation as anxiety with a different belief system. And it looped onto itself with thoughts and it kept going and going and turned anxiety into panic.

      Not Kundalini or anything like that. Kundalini after intense research is only dangerous when you do it for the sake of it itself. So if you live a positive, peaceful life, it may arise, but its a very positive experience. Only people who "awake" it for the sake of it that can be dangerous, as your energy system isn't yet ready to handle it. For those wandering!

      Aso I didn't realize the "self" at all, again just my mind coming up with all kind of things. It was simply a state of "welcoming". I'm not as spiritually advanced as my ego thought :P


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        Hi mangos!

        See if you can let go of wanting to control your experience. IOW, you don't need to "practice staying as this self". Try not being the self, the isness, the beingness. Let me know if you succeed. You will be the first person I've ever known who can do that. What happens is we look away from what we are. And so what? One of the ways we look away is to try to figure stuff out. Like looking up things on the internet. Could you let go of wanting to figure things out or even explain any part of your experience? Just welcome everything as best you can. Everything is just energy coming up to be released. The better you are at welcoming the more able you will be to tolerate all the energy that is moving on through.



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          Thanks Delilah that helped a lot. It's just so obvious but it's so hard to see as most of my life I've noticed I've just been in a constant state of resisting life itself. And 99% of people are in this state, yet it is so unnatural! How I didn't realize this before is so baffling. Thanks again Delilah! Is this the "freedom" that Lester talked about? Or would that be "enlightenment", what ever that means?