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Anxiety during Sports.

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  • Anxiety during Sports.

    Hi guys.

    So I have been having some pretty interesting results with the method, but I really have one very odd issue I need help with,because I feel I cant really do it on my own.
    It only manifests during certain things I do, I know this might sound a bit strange but I have some odd fear or anxiety when my heart beat goes faster and when I feel heati sensations in my body, I just start to think about it my mind starts blowing stuff at me, drives me almost nuts, I do handle it i don't go into panic mode I try to remind myself that's its all a sensation/s but I just cant help to persist with it when I feel it.

    I don't know how to describe in another way.

    Just when I start running or doing some kind of physical activity and I start stressing about my pulse,start having some issues and in cojuction with the sensation someone feels during exercise makes life a lot hard for me and I love doing physical activities.

    If someone can assist me with this issue I would be very thankful.


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    Hi Val91!

    See if you can welcome (notice) all the the thoughts and feelings that come up about the sensations.

    And then see if you can welcome any wanting to do anything with them, like get rid of them, hold them close, change them, figure them out etc.

    And then see if you can let go of wanting to do anything with them.

    Also, see if you can welcome any feeling that any of the sensations are personal or about you, who you are, that this is you or your body, or that you are the body?

    And then check, would it be OK if the feeling that this is personal, about you or who you are or that you are a body just dissolved? If yes, when would it be OK for it to dissolve? Welcome whatever answer you get.