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Raising level of consciousness and leaving the body

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  • Raising level of consciousness and leaving the body

    Ive read a few discussions lately regarding this, where at a certain level of consciousness we can no longer retain the body and its limitation as we have returned to such an unlimited state and we slip out (die).

    This causes me to slow down abit with my releasing, as I don't want to slip out just yet.

    Any advance coaches ever reach this stage, and should I be as worried as I am about it?

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    Hi mangos!

    First, could you let go of wanting to figure any of this out?

    No matter how high or deep or wide we go with our releasing, no matter how much we experience our infinitude, none of these things are linked to death or dying. If releasing and seeing through the illusion of the body resulted in death folks wouldn't be around to report how wonderful it is to have the veil lifted around this illusion. This is just a thought, an erroneous one, that is coming up to be released.

    What is beautiful about this thought is that now you can release it along with all of your thoughts , feelings, ideas, beliefs, etc about death and dying.

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      It's a choice. And of course its that "certain level of consciousness" is where you realise fully you don't need a body and you don't actually die. You choose to release the body or accept there are some limitations you accept while hanging around in the physical body. At the funeral of a 102 year old individual I learned that the choice to give up the body is always with us. "you will know if I'm in bed in the middle of the day I've had enough" (she passed soon after. Though we of course prefer to think we've done our best when it's all used up

      I think it's false to accept the idea we can only maintain a body while in ignorance of our ability to do so and when we have greater awareness to believe we cannot. Doesn't make sense to me. That's why I say it's a choice. Not a cannot, we might choose to quit the body sooner rather than later or may even that is destined?



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        Thank you for both of your answers, I feel a lot better about releasing. I should stop reading so much spiritual material, it confuses me. I saw that from one of Sadhgurus videos... you get to a certain intensity and your body can no longer contain you. But I see now that sedona method won't get you there as all the instructors are still here