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Can releasing help me with this problem?

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  • Can releasing help me with this problem?


    I love acting and consider doing it for a career. I have two concerns though.

    1: If I go through with it seeing as there are already tens of thousands of people auditioning every day and going to lessons with the intention of being he next brad Pitt, there's a chance I could invest many years into this and not be able to make a living out of it so I would have wasted this time, due to the competition being ridiculous and the demand being low. Would just Sedona release give me enough advantage to be chosen amongst extreme competition?

    2: If I don't decide to pursue it I may have missed out on the opportunity to have this career path that I surely would love to do.

    i want to release but I'm more worried about the first outcome what's if I release and pursue it only to have wasted that time when it doesn't work out?

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    Hi Honestowl,

    Yes absolutely releasing can help. Remember that lester always said, "The impossible becauses completely possible when were completely released, and you know you're released when you don't give a hoot". So release these thoughts/feelings and see what happens!


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      Hi honestwl!

      Sounds a bit like you are wanting to find out if TSM will guarantee success in your field of choice. Anyone who tells you that their process or modality guarantees your success specifically in any particular field is selling you nonsense.

      TSM can help you approach your field with much more confidence, it can help you to clear out whatever is in the way of you developing and honing your skills, it can help you to find clarity about your choices so that you are being true to your authentic self, (IOWs, so that you aren't doing something someone else wants you to do or so you aren't doing something just to resist what others want you to do.) and it will help you to feel free and feel joy, to let go of all perceived limitations, to be more courageous, can help you to be more successful but without specifically determining where that success might be, and to experience your boundless beingness.

      Release on you chosen field, explore all your thoughts and feelings about this field and going it to and not going into it. Explore the adv/disadv process with regards to this field, and you will find clarity and courage to experience your boundless infinitude. No one can tell you in what context you will experience this. Your boundless beingness/infinitude is right here, right now, and needs no context in order to exist.

      There are ways to release on the fear of things not working out. And that is always a useful thing to let go. The fear of things going wrong is actually the plan or expectation for things to go wrong. Doesn't it make sense to let that go through releasing? But there is no way that anyone anywhere can guarantee success in any particular thing. TSM can help you to pursue your goal with ease and clarity and joy but it can not determine any outcome. In fact, letting go of wanting a particular outcome actually is very helpful for having success.

      By all means explore your questions and your concerns about going into the field you are interested in and see what you discover about your self and the field itself. That will give you all the information that you need to make this decision and how to move forward with ease, clarity and joy.

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