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    I have recently asked about moving up AGFLAP and as I wrote there too, I feel I have come up higher on the chart.
    I thank the Sedona method and also the coaches who helped along the way here.

    My question now is about courage.
    I wonder "mustering up the courage" is a good thing.
    My understanding is if there is resistance, it is best to release it.
    If I feel I need to "muster up the courage" then that means I'm trying to overcome resistance.

    It is a practical question about some situations in my life, where I feel I should start doing something but there is resistance.
    I (try to) release resistance, but there is still some left.
    I feel I could still do it regardless of the "feel the resistance and do it anyway" mentality so to speak.
    (Before I didn't even think of doing them so I assume it is progress.)

    But from my experience in the past, when I go ahead and do something in this kind of a situation, thinking "I can do it!", often times I feel overwhelmed after starting it etc. and things ended up not going well. Thinking back, when I say "*I* can do it!" this "I" is a strong sense of myself and it possibly/probably is an ego.

    But, then, I don't know how to distinguish between true courage and "ego courage."
    And more practically, I'm not sure if I should "feel the resistance and do it anyway" or "keep releasing until doing them seems totally natural to me."

    Yes, I have released on "wanting to figure out which is better."

    Thank you for your help.

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    Don't should on yourself. If you feel resistance and it needs to be done anyway, and you can do it in spite of the resistance, let go of wanting, no resistance. Courage is not the absence of fear, it's the ability to feel the fear and move through anyway.

    Could you let go of 'not having it go well'?



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      Thank you Alex
      Your advice may well be the same after reading this, just to be more precise...

      I used the word "should" for lack of a better word...more like I feel/think it is good to do these things and they don't really need to be done (at least now).
      It's not exactly fear but more like an overwhelmdness feeling or a feeling of "struggling through it."

      "Could you let go of 'not having it go well'?"
      Thank you for this. I will use this for my releasing because it can be part of where my resistance comes from.
      But I don't think it is the major reason of my resistance. I don't have "fear" for things what I am thinking of doing or fear of failing that much.

      Just I think what holding me back is this overwhelmed feeling itself, and thought of doing them with this feeling.
      Heaviness, in another word. Or "Struggling"

      The thing is I felt much more heaviness before and I'm starting to feel lighter, but still heavy.
      I would probably still feel "struggle" (or "heaviness) when doing things (not exactly fear).

      Thinking of my progress I am sure that I will feel more lighter if I keep releasing.
      So is it still courage to do them regardless of this sense of struggling/heaviness?

      "If you feel resistance and it needs to be done anyway, and you can do it in spite of the resistance, let go of wanting, no resistance."
      My question is actually because I haven't been able to come to the point "let go of wanting, no resistance."

      Thanks again.


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        Hi terrym!

        You don't need to muster up courage. Every time you release you are already in courage. AGFLAP isn't really linear in terms of our own actual process! If you actually notice what's here in any given time you'll find that you move up and down AGFAP. That doesn't mean that you aren't progressing. If you actually notice what's here in any given time you will start to see that any of the feelings or even thoughts you are having are less potent and you have less conviction about them.

        And there is no point in resisting the resistance when you can just welcome it and it will just dissolve. So, it is never necessary to ignore a feeling and then push or pull yourself to over-ride any of them and just leap into action. You can just dissolve what ever comes up by releasing. All that "personal will" that we use to heave ourselves up over resistance runs out of steam anyway. So why not just welcome resistance and allow it to dissolve so that you are in flow and have much more energy to function?



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          Hi again terrym!

          Welcome the feeling of overwhelm. It's just coming up to be released. If you can open up to it and allow it be here as fully as possible, it will dissolve. Do the same with any sensation of heaviness.



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            Thank you Delilah for your replies! Yes I have been releasing this overwhelm and heaviness feeling ever since I started using the method. I believe it's been working and as I mentioned I feel much lighter now and there is a huge difference in my life. Since I'm starting to feel lighter, I feel I could "muster up courage" and start doing some things, but I was wondering if I would be getting ahead of myself. What I didn't think of until I read your reply was to release the sense of personal will. Whenever I wondered about it was when I thought I could have courage=strong personal will (in this context). I'll relax a bit and let both my resistance and personal will take their courses. Thank you again


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              Hi terrym!

              In 5th way releasing we explore what it is like to let go of our stories. The stories are what we think define and identify us. So, check, can you find the person who has a personal will or a personal won't? Welcome your answer and then check and see, would it be OK if the feeling that this is personal just dissolved? Welcome your answer. When would it be OK if the feeling that this is personal just dissolved? Repeat as necessary.