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  • Consciousness

    i found myself to be having so much a of ... ive seen an expresson , calling it the 凹陷deep pit of one's conciousness. i mean, i found myself feeling guilty sometimes, but it isn't the matter pof the fact. in fact, i found ... the mind wuld produce all these.. so that's normal.. right.. hale said twha we regard as normal is quite abnormal, and whatr we regard as abnormal is normal. well sometimes it's still useful at somewhat extent, like my circumstance, i used to call it my "depression", but you know what, thinking funnily, well, how does it serves me? i "hate" (reviewing on the second time, i found i don't hate and it's just my body doens't need them! but my mind like to say i "hate"。 it seems be giving a sense of what chewing/chow to the mind... what an amazing discoverty. )medication and i don't use them and don't feel needing them. and... what else, it gave me a sense of identity, but i haven't really looked into that, probably i shouldn't. only knowing it's a sense of identity? yes.

    and i took a pause and coming back for this post, i found myself totoally forget what what hwat bout the identity...

    and even for the talking of the feelings, these tags, these thinkings-ness doesn't serve well! I can directly release / feel on it but doesn't have to go thorought the thinkings..( or to say, these thinkings are in together with the feelings? so that's welcoming! wow, a second review could do me a lot!!!)

    so, umm, has this phenomenon occured to you guys?
    what do you want to say or what release opinion do you guys have ?(I am thnking of loveing your body/mind is a pretty good idea for the direction of releasing)

    much thanks!(i feel even more peaceful !)

    (i use () to mark the content as my second time going through what Iwrote myself) Home of the Sedona Method

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    Hi cyi!

    Everyone has thoughts and feelings that they thing are abnormal. But since everyone has them, they are quite normal. If we keep welcoming thoughts and feelings we will be less and less impressed with them and let them go with more and more ease.

    You mentioned medication cyi. To be clear here, The Sedona Method does not diagnose, treat or cure any medical or psychological conditions. We do not have any authority regarding the use or non-use of medication. This topic is best discussed with the appropriate professional.

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      thank you for answering me Delilah! Home of the Sedona Method


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        went through the 2nd CD, it helps extremely of my situation! Home of the Sedona Method