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Can't stay on one feeling

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  • Can't stay on one feeling

    It's not always, but often I experience this and I would like your advice.

    Sometimes I have difficulty in focusing on one feeling.
    For example, when I feel "worried" and try to use the method, the feeling keeps on changing... it's like my mind is going through internal conversation and going like this; "why are you worried?" "'because I don't know what's gonna happen and I'm scared...""why scared?" "I'm scared that I might experience that grief again if I try..."
    So in this case it goes from "worry" to "fear" to "grief (remembering)" and in the end I feel "depression/apathy."
    This is just an example but hope you understand what I'm trying to describe here.

    My question is when it happens, should I try to focus on one feeling (try to ignore my mind) or allow this process happen and let go everything (every feeling) at the same time?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I suggest you let go of the story. Looking for the hows and whys is looking for a story. You don't need the story to let go.

    When you say I'm worried, start letting it go, with welcoming it as best you can or asking could I let this go, question? Also what ever the feeling you can ask whether it comes from wanting, security, approval or control, etc... So I'm worried, does this come from wanting security etc...



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      Thank you Alex, I didn't realize that I was unconsciously looking for a story but you are absolutely right about that. Also I realized my "stories" often have a common thread in each...for example in my example above it is probably about wanting security (I made up this example but it is coming from my personal experiences). I really appreciate your advice.


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        Hi terrym!

        The mind is always producing lots of thoughts. You can welcome them all at once and focus on the want that is stirred up or you can take one thought at a time and release on the want that is stirred up. Either way is fine.



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          Thank you for clearing it up Delilah. I often get confused and stop the process when it happens so it helps me a lot!