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need help on releasing feelings toward my dad

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  • need help on releasing feelings toward my dad

    The emotions I have supressed about my dad is so big. It's been so long.
    It drags me to apathy.
    I hate him literally.

    So, I am trying clean up process to eliminate negative feeling about him.
    Actually, even when I release on just my feeling, it is not easy and fast. At least, it seems simple though.
    But clean up process has 3 steps and complicated to me and takes long time.
    If I try clean up process on him, or anyone who I have a little feeling, it seems no progress in 3days.
    I want to know if each releasing process has level like clean up is more difficult than basic releasing technique and releasing wants is more difficult than releasing just emotions.
    It is even hard to focus on it because I don't want to look at the horrible feeling related to him.

    Should I try to keep doing clean up on him?
    Or any other technique to release bad emotion about my father?

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    I found the Relationship Clean-up process worked best. Remember that the longer the relationship the more layers it can have. Keep releasing as best you can.

    You might also work with holistic releasing, like, I accept my father as much as I do /I reject my father as much as I do. You may find it easier to welcome the feelings around your father.



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      Thank you. I have a progress by answering each questions. As you said, I could move on by answering. and it made releasing process simple because I don't have to think a lot. Clean up process felt too long to me so I tried "can i let go of wanting to control my dad?" and "can i let go of wanting to be controlled by my dad?" and I also asked if my apathy in everyday life came from wanting to control and as i let go of wanting to control, I could see how i wanted to control my parents and all the people out of my home and i feel totally okay when parents want to control something , each other and argue with each other. I was out of their control. i feel like my parents changed. before i let go of wanting to control, i was so angry when they argued and now i know that was because i wanted to control them. now i feel my dad is okay whatever he does even though it is not perfectly okay. thank you


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        Hi Suyoung!

        What a great gain!!