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I Identify with my job.

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  • I Identify with my job.

    I have been releasing on w/a on this and have not made progress. I am bad at my current job and it causes me allot of stress and performance anxiety because I want approval from my co-workers and boss in doing a good job. I currently have their dis approval. I think it is part of my personality because when I was a kid I stressed my self out by trying to good in all subjects at school when it was more realistic for me to excel at certain subjects. I think I need to figure out a way to let go of that part of myself.

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    I recommend doing the clean-up process. And relationship releasing.



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      Hi stace45!

      Yes, Alex's suggestion is fabulous...

      And if you are getting disapproval you might try welcoming the disapproval and see if that gives you some traction on releases.

      Sometimes when we are getting a particular outcome that we don't want there might a subconscious desire for that outcome. So you might apply the adv/disadv process to getting disapproval at work and anywhere else that it comes up. You can also release on adv/disadv of getting approval from you boss and co-workers too.

      And you might even explore adv/disadv of this particular job. That might help release some of the identification with the job as well as reveal some other things to release on.

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