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question(s) about letting go and resistance

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  • question(s) about letting go and resistance

    I don't know how to address this question properly and I'm not sure if the title is accurate.
    Also I realize I have asked kind of similar questions but I thought my recent experience with this deserves a new thread.
    Thank you in advance.

    So here is my recent experience.
    My car hatch broke and didn't close fully.
    I tried many things to fix it to no avail. I knew that it would cost more than I'd like to pay to fix it (if need to replace the lock part, it is more than $300).
    Though some people occasionally told me the hatch of my car was not fully closed, practically the car was functional and I didn't care much, though it was always in the back of my head.
    So in other words I resisted fixing it/paying for the repair.

    It had been like that more than a few months, and it started to bother me. So I finally made up my mind that I would fork out the money and get over it and get it fixed when I go to the garage to change to winter tires.I even set aside the money for that. Then, I went to a gathering at my friend's house and a lady told me my car hatch was not closed and I told her it was broken. An hour later, she calls me over with her son and says her son was good at fixing cars and he just fixed my car hatch!

    Thinking back, I do think it is "letting go" in action. When I decided to pay for the repair, I released my resistance to pay for the repair, though I didn't think of it at the time.
    (Please let me know if you disagree at this point).

    So if it is the case, it begs some questions.
    If I had not resisted in the beginning, would it have been taken care of like it did?
    If I had just thought "Oh this is shitty, but let's just pay the repair fee and and fix it" and went the garage at the very first day it broke down?

    The experience above makes me think if it is better to first resist and then let go???
    (It seems to me that because I resisted paying for the repair and then let go, it was "given" to me. )

    I hope you understand what I am wondering about.

    Any comments, advice etc. are appreciated.


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    Hi terrym!

    Your share is one that is quite common in the releasing world. When we let go stuff happens, good stuff that is.

    Could you let go of wanting to figure this out? Just for a second?

    We don't need to resist first in order for a let go to happen. We all resist naturally/automatically. Resistance is a human phenomenon. It doesn't saying anything about us other than we are human. Letting go of resistance is always useful. Resistance has come to be seen as a negative just like saying no is seen as negative. Here in the TSM we don't look at resistance or no as anything other than a universal tendency. So welcome the no's and welcome the resistance when they come up, not because they are bad or wrong but just because welcoming, opening, allowing everything to come up so it can release just feels good. And then see what happens!