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  • Working with physical symptom

    This morning I worked with a physical symptom that I've had off and on for years. I understand the symptom and have the option of surgery to correct it. When I am lying down the fluid shift in my left ear causes a muscle spasm that results in a loud, rapid banging sound in my ear. First I welcomed the banging, and then welcomed wanting to get rid of it. I let those spin, and there was no dissolving and the banging continued. I tried triple welcoming, since I would love to change or fix it and I do identify with it. I welcomed all that and let it go. The banging continued. Finally I just gave up and got up, at which point the fluid shifts and the banging stops. I have been working on the audio sets every day and feel like I understand the process, and so I don't know what to think when it seems to have no effect in any way on an experience like this. Obviously I'm coming from a place of really wanting to get rid of the banging but I am willing to let that go. I am not sure what the want is. Control?

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    Hi Indigo!

    Remember that we tell folks that TSM is not a diagnostic instrument, treament, or cure and that we recommend that folks consult the appropriate professional for such things.

    Wanting to change something, wanting to get of something, are variations of wanting control.

    You might consider releasing on all of the thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs that you have about yourself and the medical folks and procedures that have been recommended so that you are free to make the best decision for your self about what you are working with.



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      Thanks, Delilah. I also got an answer from Hale in the recording I listened to just after posting this question. He says, in the recording, "If you're releasing for a specific outcome, that's wanting to control. Release for the imperturbability." Then later, "So you'll either be perfectly accepting or it'll change if it's supposed to." Getting these answers has helped me make the shift from using TSM to try to control things. Funny how obvious it always is in hindsight.