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"Do you want to change it?"

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  • "Do you want to change it?"

    Good evening everyone, I have been interested and practising the Sedona releasing methods for the past 5 years with some nice gains. A few (perhaps theoretical and basic) questions have emerged over the years around the idea of "wanting to change it" and I thought I would ask for your views.

    1. When do you have recourse to this question (do you want to change it and can you let go of wanting to change it) for releasing a feeling a feeling? Can you start with this question or is it only after you face resistance to let go?

    2. do you ask the question "do you want to change it" about the actual situation that is causing grief or anxiety or about the feelings associated with the situation that you want to let go?

    3. If we are asking this question as part of a releasing process (e.g. after facing resistance), is it not the case that we in fact (by the very fact of using the Sedona method) want to "change" the frame of mind?

    4. would you say that "can you welcome the feelings" and "can you let go of wanting to change the feelings" as synonymous?

    Thank you for your thoughts!