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  • Chronic depression

    I was diagnosed chronic depression. I believe it started since I was a very little kid. I am sad all the time. I didn't even notice I was sad because it's my usual feeling I feel all the time. I think chronic depression is a huge amount of suppressed grief.
    With releasing questions, could I heal my depression?
    Could I let go of grief I have been holding on with 4 questions?
    I found I actually didn't want to let go of grief because grief is kind of feeling which would feel like to bring back what is lost, and it's comfortable as I am very accustomed to it.
    Is it okay even though my honest answer to "Would I let it go?" No?
    I am being medicated every day and see a psychiatrist regularly in a university mental hospital.
    I believe it will be more effective if I do releasing together.

    Also, I'd like to ask if I can release doing chores or listening to music, or watching TV? Or doing anything distracting mind?

    Also, what would be the best course in my case?
    I'd like to buy a course and release with it.
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    Hi Suyoung!

    I will answer your question about releasing but first I let me say that TSM doesn't claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological condition. We recommend that folks consult the appropriate professional to address these things. You can still release and benefit immensely from releasing even if you are working with a professional. I do know some releasers who have found that they no longer experienced depression as a result of releasing. I also know people who do splendidly when they combine traditional psychiatric or psychological care with releasing. Each person is different and needs are different.

    When you ask "Could I let go of grief I have been holding on with 4 questions?" I am a bit confused. There are many more than 4 questions in TSM. There are 4 basic ways to release and there are also other "ways" to release that can be found in the recorded material provided by Hale. Even the Sedona Method book has many different ways to approach releasing. If you don't have the Super Course then I strongly recommend that you try that. Once you've got that course and have completed it you will find that any other program is very useful and provides even further support for your ability to release.

    Yes, we can release doing chores, listening to music and watching TV. But if we want to really get the full benefits of releasing it is best if we don't ONLY release "in action" ie doing chores and listening to music etc. Taking time to bring awareness to one's own process and experience without distraction allows us to go much deeper, higher and father when we release. And the more we do this the more adept we become at releasing in action.

    Please keep us posted on how things unfold for you,