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Holistic releases on toxic shame? Or releases on toxic shame?

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  • Holistic releases on toxic shame? Or releases on toxic shame?

    Looking for anyone who has experience or insight in releasing in this area.
    I've changed my focus to mostly releasing on the base wants, so I vary between different holistics on wanting approval/disapproval, approving/disapproving myself, wanting approval as much as I do/resting as the ultimate approval that is I am and its been seeming to get me results. Can I just keep releasing on approval like this and bypass having to sort through AGFLAP to release? Also, when I do a simple toxic shame release that I made up I can feel my legs and lower back start to "activate" or make itself more obvious with very dense/heavy sensations - anything I can do to break through that? Or just keep releasing til they soften and open up? I've been spending many hours everyday doing this.

    Also, I listen to a lot of Lesters tapes. He talks about the who am i/what am i questions - and if you keep them in the back of your mind consistently you can get realization in weeks. I am totally game to do this but my mind goes so quick I often lose the focus and ability to keep it in my mind consistently. I sometimes ask them and feel a release, its very powerful.

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    Hi 144Life!

    Release in whatever way you are getting results. You can use or NOT use whatever part of the method you like. If you don't want to "sort through AGFLAP", don't. At some later point, if you keep releasing, you will want to go back and explore AGFLAP. The mind gets bored with releasing only one or two ways and that why there are the several different ways to release.

    The sensations in your legs ARE part of the breakthrough! That's the shame releasing! That's one way to know that your releasing is going well. We don't always have physical sensations but often we do. When the sensations "release" or subside that means a release has occurred. Check and see if there is any wanting to get rid of the sensations? Welcome y our answer. Check, could you let go of wanting to get rid of the sensations? Welcome your answer. Also, try a holistic: Could you hate the sensations as much as you do? Could you love the sensations as best you can?

    Once you realize your mind has wondered just bring it back to the Lester who am I what am I questions.

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