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    I'm having major issues with fear that I'm having trouble getting out of.

    I quit my job about 5 months ago to work full time at my coaching business. It's been going relatively well, but money is getting a bit tight.

    There's a lot of wanting security, and wanting approval.

    Wanting security because I'm afraid of not being able to pay all the bills, plus business expenses.
    Wanting approval for several reasons:

    First, I feel guilty for quitting my job, even though my wife supports me fully.

    Secondly, I feel guilty for the business expenses I have, even though they're a necessary part to the business, and I do make a profit.

    But there's also this part...when I had the job we constantly had so much in the bank, it was wonderful. After I quit, that stayed for a while. But slowly it's diminished.

    And I think a lot of that has been me worrying about it diminishing. That picture was constantly in my mind, so what did I get? Our account balance diminishing. That started especially in January up until now.

    I feel bad because I want to provide a nice life for my wife, and she was so happy that we were doing a lot better.

    She doesn't know the full extent of our financial situation, because I feel too bad to tell her anything. Well when I say that I don't mean to imply that it's that horrible, just not as good as before.

    Here are the things that I have been doing:

    I've been focusing the last few weeks on releasing that picture of things diminishing and getting worse. I've had some success, though sometimes I just get waves of fear that overtake me. But I do my best to welcome that and allow it to be there and it generally dissolves.

    And actually I've seen some results. Earlier this week when I wasn't sure how I'd afford some expense coming up, I got a sign-up for one of my courses at the perfect time, and it really helped out a lot.

    And as I've been focusing on doing this work, I've been getting more consultations for my coaching, though no one new has actually signed up yet. I did have a client renew though, and another is also planning on renewing soon, so both of those are very good news.

    I think my main problem at this point is trying to figure out this

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    Part of it too is that I don't want to get a job again. Especially after I think Lester said something like working is for slaves (got that from the Butt System from the Release Technique), and I have always agreed with that.

    But last night after doing some releasing about this, I did come to terms with whatever has to happen will happen. If I have to temporarily get some sort of job, then I will, but I still prefer not to.

    I read that Lester was able to manifest money as and when he needed it for something. I want to develop that level of trust that everything will just work out effortlessly.


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      I'm just a newbie so i don't really know the answers. But when we have issues like this with many different negative feelings involved, I would think we would want to let go of all the negative feelings wouldn't we? Not just releasing the picture of the money diminishing, but letting go of the feeling of wanting security and approval, the fear of not being able to pay the bills, and all the guilt. Is that what you Sedona Method experts would advise - letting go of all these negative feelings? And is that really even possible to let go of all of that if you don't have enough money coming in? Seems like the situation would have to change first before you could let go of some of that.


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        I asked my previous employer whether I can have my job back, and he said he'd be happy to discuss it, which knowing him is good news.

        I think it's a good decision


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          Hi devbanana!

          First could you let go of wanting to figure any of this out?

          Please release on adv/disadvs to going it on your own and also on going back to the job.

          It sounds like you want to be like Lester. That means that you want to change who you are or something about you to be like someone else. That is one of the definitions of resisting what is. Could you let that go? Could you let go of wanting to get any results from your releasing?

          Lester didn't mean that people shouldn't work for someone else. He meant if what you are doing feels like work you are a slave. Lester didn't care if you were self employed or not. He was speaking to being love and peace and joy no matter what you are doing or where you are doing it.