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Some "fear" about letting go of wanting control

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  • Some "fear" about letting go of wanting control

    Hi there,
    I have been using the Sedona Method and it has been effective, but I realized I have some "fear" or "concerns" while doing it, especially when letting go of wanting to change something and I'm afraid I may not be getting the best results because of it.

    Here is what it is...

    I am familiar with "Law of attraction(LOA)" and "letting go of wanting" helps getting rid of the resistance etc. of actually getting your goals. I understand that.The thing is, however, LOA says if you imagine something negative, that happens too.

    When I let go of wanting "control" or "changing things" or "security," I do (unintentionally) imagine the situation where I am not controlling something, or what I fear is actually happening. I cannot really help it in many cases. For example, if I was looking for a job and if I let go of wanting it, I would be imagining not having a job in the future and it is unintentional.
    According to LOA, it sounds like I am attracting negative situations because that is what I imagined.

    I know the fact I am asking this question would/could mean I have not completely let go of wanting control or wanting to be safe - if I had I would not be even concerned about it because I would be totally OK with negative results. But I am not.

    If you could comment on this it would be appreciated.

    PS: I have already letting go of wanting to figure it out etc. - but I guess my question applies to this part too!
    PPS: I think I didn't think about it much before because I was mostly dealing with my past - things have already happened so I cannot change them anyway and it was just the matter of accepting them.
    A lot of my past issues have been let go and I am now looking toward the future more. So I think it is a good thing but I am starting to have more questions like this!

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    Hi terrym!

    A couple of things.

    First, it is really great that you've been so successful in releasing past issues!

    I know this is going to shatter everyone's attachment to the law of attraction but here goes anyway. Think about how many thoughts we have in a day, an hour or a minute. We can't control our thoughts negative or positive even if that's all we tried to do all day long. Think about how not every single negative thought that you have is manifested. The negative thoughts that have real power are the ones that we really spend a lot of time and energy focused on. But even those don't ALL manifest. Releasing is the most effective way to dissolve negative thoughts. If we aren't releasing them then we are either suppressing them or just temporarily distracting ourselves from them.

    When we release, if negative thoughts come up, they are coming up to be released. They aren't coming up to come true. And releasing on thoughts, feelings, images, memories or fantasies about what we don't want to have happen is the most powerful way to clear the bodymind of those things.

    A releasing question that helps a lot with letting go of wanting is "Would you rather WANT a job or HAVE a job?" Letting go of wanting is letting go of the "lacking job fear/program etc.

    There are great ways to release on this topic and clear out any programming about this topic.

    Adv/disavs of having and then not having a job are excellent ways to releasing let go of any internal and self sabotaging controversy around this topic.

    Using holistic releases like:

    Could you resist being jobless as much as you do?
    Could you welcome being jobless as best you can?

    Could you resist having a job as much as you do?
    Could you welcome having a job as best you can?

    If we are going to go with popular dogma in one instance it is more balanced to go with it in the other.
    "That which we resist, persists." Letting go of resisting not having a job also clears out any self sabotaging internal controversies also.

    Thanks for bringing this up because there are lots of folks out there who have the same questions.



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      Thank you Delilah!
      Just to clarify - let's say I wanted a job now as an example. I ask the question like "Can I let go of wanting a job?" etc.
      Sometimes the image of not having a job for a long time and me being poor or having trouble comes up at that point - in that case the image is there to be released and when I say yes (or no), then it gets released (either part of it or all of it), is it correct? And let's say after it the negative image still persists - but if I am not disturbed by it, can it mean I have successfully let go of my want (even if the negative image is still there?) and having that image does not mean it will manifest? And if I get disturbed by that negative image, the want is still there?
      Thank you again!


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        Hi terrym!

        If you get a no to a let go question then welcome that. If you find you can't let go of wanting a job then welcome wanting a job. Keep welcoming wanting a job until you find you can let go. Remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go, so when you are welcoming wanting a job or control or anything you are actually releasing.

        If "Sometimes the image of not having a job for a long time and me being poor or having trouble comes up" then welcome that and also notice if there is any resistance to that. If there is resistance welcome the resistance. And then see if you can let go of the resistance. Again, if you can't let go of the resistance them welcome that until it dissolves from welcoming it or until you can let the resistance go.

        When we are OK with having or not having what we want (goal) then we are released and imperturbable. Remember that this is an internal process. We can be completely imperturbable, fully released, and still take actions steps towards having our goal. In fact when we are fully released we can even more effortlessly take actions steps because we are not burdened by things like fear, or resistance, or self judgement, or ambivalence about the goal itself. I recommend that you re-read the section about releasing on goals in TSM book. Or listen again to that section in the recordings. It will help you to see how to work with this.

        And to answer your last question, if there is a disturbance, usually that pertains to a want or some wants. So welcome wanting those wants until you can let go of wanting them.

        Please let us know how your process unfolds.

        For your freedom,