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How to know you are truly hootless?

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  • How to know you are truly hootless?

    Hi there,

    I know from my experience that sometimes when you think you are hootless, it is actually not the case but you pretend not to care (and you don't realize you are pretending) or a case of "sour grapes" if you know what I mean. You persuade yourself you don't care or it is not what you really wanted when in reality you do. I definitely have that kind of experience.

    The thing is, from my experience it is difficult to spot it. Especially after I practice releasing, I tend to think "since I did releasing, and I don't care any more, it must be hootlessness."
    It is usually after a while that I realize I was not really hootless.

    So my question is, is there any good way to tell the difference between the two when you think you don't really care about something or want something?

    Thank you!

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    I remember asking a similar question many years ago...'what's the difference between apathy and peace' ? Resignation /I give up v I have truly let it go.

    what if you explored a holistic release on this ?


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      Hi terrym!

      zannierose's answer is a good one in that she speaks about peace. Peace is an indicator of hootlessness. Feeling fine if we get or don't get our goal is different than not caring. Not caring has some underlying resistance to it. Not caring feels like pushing away what is happening right now. That's different than feeling peaceful no matter what is happening right now. When we are hootless we feel free no matter what is happening. We feel unburdened, joyful, at ease, in flow. These are very different than not caring. Also, we might feel hootless in one moment and distressed in another. That doesn't mean we didn't feel hootless yesterday or that we were kidding ourselves. It just means that we need to release more.

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        Thank you both zannierose and Delilah!
        I think I understand the difference between "giving up" and "letting go" at least in theory but sometimes I don't even know which is the case with my situation, and that made me ask this question.
        I think I will try holistic releasing.

        Delilah's explanation about "not caring" and "peace" is spot on for me actually.
        It may be because English is not my first language, but I always felt "not giving a hoot" has a connotation of "not caring."

        Anyway thank you again!


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          Hi terrym!

          I just made a correction in my reply. I meant "Also, we might feel hootless in one moment and distressed in another. " It is possible to reach hootlessness in one moment and to become distressed in another moment. Life is dynamic and can stir us up again. That just means we need to release more. Eventually we won't be stirred up by things that are happening if we keep releasing.