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  • wishing and wanting

    Hi there,
    I have noticed that I have a lot of "wishing" rather than "wanting."
    I'm not a native English speaker, so I can't say for other people, but to me it feels that "wanting" has more positive energy than wishing.
    When I "want" something, at least I am thinking it is a possibility, although it may mean "lack"
    When I "wish" something, I really am not thinking it was possible (at least now).

    For example, if I think "I want to have a million dollars," it may mean lack but it feels like it has a more positive feel than thinking "I wish I had a million dollars."
    To me "wanting" seems to be around lust, anger, pride but "wishing" is more around apathy, grief, fear so to speak.

    Anyway, my question is if it possibly works better if I release using the phrase "letting go of wishing"? when I am "wishing" something?
    The reason I ask this is when I used "can I welcome wanting something?" and I did not feel anything, I somehow tried "Can I welcome wishing something?" and I felt that in my body, and was able to release it.
    Maybe I am just splitting hairs or possibly imagining it?

    Thank you.

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    Hi terrym!

    If you resonate with the word wishing resonates more than wanting then go with that. You might find what wanting works better for you at another time. Also, notice the feeling that it feels impossible to have what you are wishing for and welcome that so that that can release also.



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      Thank you so much Delilah!
      I'll go with "wishing" when it resonates more.