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  • "No, I won't!"

    Thank you DelilahCertifiedSMCoach Annrika James Tim McCavitt Coach Susan

    and everyone's contribution an service

    I met LCrane in 2008 and I've used off and on TSM coupled with other valuable modalities. In the past year I have used TSM much more consistently and made gains, mostly internal - over coming panic attacks and dissociative episodes and the health of my body improving.

    I write to the forum tonight because I'm still dealing with LONG standing issues : (my whole life, I'm 38)

    My relationship with money, my economic needs, stable home and there are more.

    He (the little guy inside) says No!, hatred, intense rage, rebellion, resistence. That psycho-phyiscal dynamic of using the will to deny action to meet my needs but to get others to do it for me or simply be in a state or resistance and rebellion. I fear he has dug in his heels so much that poverty, homelessness and relying on surrogate parents (girlfriends and needy male employers) ,institutions every where is my destiny. Can i let this fear go? No. (The truthful NOs are very valuable)

    I have impulses to take care of myself, they are met with such resistance and depression.

    Even a little releasing however only brings scraps vs absolute and nothing / status quo. I think ya'll get the point. I have not been able to budge this dynamic, I'm scared...exhaling and asking the questions.

    powerlessness, hopelessness, fear, frustration. I'm able to surrender to these and many feelings thanks to TSM, I cannot seem to move the needle with the aforementioned dynamic nonetheless.

    Thank you everyone for your attention.

    Peace and aliveness


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    Hi Alcav,

    Congratulations on your gains. It sounds like you are doing quite well with the method. It's not unusual to feel stuck sometimes. Step 5 of the method: when you're feeling stuck, let go of wanting to change the stuckness. Could you let it be okay for now that you feel stuck? Could you let it be okay for now that the little guy inside says No! ?

    I'm having a free support call tomorrow evening at 8 PM Central US time. There will be group releases and also the opportunity for one-on-one support. Please feel free to call in, I will be glad to work with you. It's always so much simpler than we think. Here's the registration link to receive dial-in info.

    All the best,
    Susan Seifert
    Certified Sedona Method Coach
    Register for my Free Sedona Method Support calls


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      Hi alcav!

      One thing you might do is explore the advantages and disadvantages to this all. It can be eye opening and can lead to a breakthrough when we see what we are getting from tendencies that don't appear to serve us. So perhaps start with what the advs/disadvs are to being dependent and then go on from there.

      Also, welcome all the resistance and even the depression. These are just energies coming up to be released. Welcoming is not the same as surrendering or accepting. It allows us to open up so that all this can come up and move on through and out of the bodymind and free us up to take action steps.

      Keep us posted on how your process unfolds,


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        Thanks Susan and Delilah so much for responding. I haven't done adv and disadv for a very long time and it has helped a lot. I have had a breakthrough in finding a part my self so enraged it seems "demon-like" and working more the method I understand that he believes he needs this fury to protect himself. Adv - protect and "don't mess with me" / disadva - "nothing moves, nothing gets done, stuckness"

        I protecting myself from the feelings that I'm unlovable, unwanted and bad and because of the nature of anger some other threat.

        Gains - body changing to more health, feelings stronger sounder mentally. I feel positive about where I am not as much of a sense of urgency with my November 10th date that I have to move into a new place. Last night it felt like SO much time to create something. TSM IS my job and yesterday I found myself feeling adventurous and courageous - took a bus trip, enjoyed the city I'm living in and the beauty all around me.

        I'm really enjoying rocking this. In doing the method and one second seeing outside of the encompassing bodymind rage, I saw that life is easy and one can do anything. I could really use help with goals and more creating in physical reality. I know that all releasing is good from the bodymind so sometimes I use the goal of 2,000 per month or 3, or 5, or sometimes 10,000 in savings or 50,000 or even more. I acknowledge a running belief that the circumstances don't exist for me to have the income and the home I want in the physical world, so I've been relying on creating magic out of thin air. I understand that the method is helping us to actually take action with ease in the physical world, I don't believe that it's possible for me to create the income to pay for the home etc etc. So I release as I stated to have the money fall from the sky or just appear in the bank account.

        Thank you so much!