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    I've been thinking I might need to focus on releasing on health goals first, before trying to find another job (subject of my last post). Maybe I already do have the best job for me, since my current job gives me plenty of time for releasing.

    Except for losing weight, which I am releasing on and succeeding with, I have not done a lot of relasing on health before, so I think I could use advice with this.

    There is nothing in particular that is especially wrong with me, just many things are not at 100%. So I want to manifest health in every part of my body as well as overall. Naturally, in addition to releasing I will follow my doctor's advice.

    I went through the materials I had, and tried to make the best health goal I could and came up with this:
    I allow myself to be in total and complete health and well-being.

    and I came up with another one, also:
    I allow myself to have a perpetually young perfect body.

    For now, I'm not sure which is best, so I'm releasing half the time on the first one and the rest of the time on the second one. Is this a good idea? I'd appreciate any thoughts on the phrasing or whether focusing on one or the other might be better.

    Also, what about holistic releasing? Like this maybe:

    Can you resist dying due to poor health as much as you do?
    Can you welcome dying due to poor health as best you can?

    Can you resist living on and on in good health as much as you do?
    Can you welcome living on and on in good health as best you can?

    Can you resist liver failure as much as you do?
    Can you welcome liver failure as best as you can?

    Can you resist having a healthy liver as much as you do?
    Can you welcome having a healthy liver as best as you can?

    I'm not actually dying or having organ failure or anything close to it, but I worry about it nevertheless. Maybe I can get to hootlessness quicker by bringing up my deepest fears in this way?

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    You cannot do too much releasing. Use as many variations as you, come to think of them. Don't discount releasing ideas you have because the message came from within you. The right thing to release on is what it is as you see it.

    You could also add,
    Can I allow myself to resist good health (or my health) as much as I do / Can I allow myself to welcome good health (or my health) as much as I do.



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      Good comments from Alex. Definitely go with what comes up naturally in the moment. Our direct-knowing/intuition guides our releasing perfectly.

      I like releasing directly on resistance. I'd list a goal like: I allow myself to enjoy perfect health in mind and body.

      Then, I'd list whatever I resist about that goal such as...

      - But then I won't have poor health as an excuse anymore. R
      - It's too much work to eat well and exercise to be/stay healthy. R
      - I don't have the discipline to get and stay well. R
      - It will cost too much in health practitioners/supplements to get/stay well. R

      I don't have any health problems at the moment, thankfully, but if I did, I'd target any resistance I may have to being/staying well.

      I'd also look at how I want to change or control my health or lack of it. For that, I'd list my health concerns and simply ask, "Could I let go of wanting to change or control that?" and release until I was up in CAP.

      Fear and resistance tend to attract to us that which we're afraid of or resisting (i.e. what we resist persists), so it's important to release these. We certainly don't want to pull in illnesses that may be very much avoidable.


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        Hi Ican!

        These are all great goal statements. And the holistic releases that you wrote here are great too! And yes, as you keep releasing you'll discover fears that you have about health and you'll have even more ideas about what to release on.

        Good job!


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          Hi releaser108!

          Great idea to release on resistance to health! And if you are going to release on that, also release on resistance to illness.

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            This is all very useful. Thanks to everyone who responded.