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Dealing with jealousy.

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  • Dealing with jealousy.

    Interested in knowing how you would deal with jealousy. I find I can release wanting approval but there's still a sense of inadequacy when comparing something I desire and someone else has to what I don't have. What questions can I ask to help dissolve jealousy.

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    Hi honestowl!

    Notice the the feeling of jealousy. Notice where it is in the body. It might be in more than one place in the body. See if you can allow the sensations of the jealousy do whatever they are doing, in the way that they are, as much as they are, and you will find that even if the sensations get more intense for a while, it will eventually subside. The jealousy will release. What you are doing is welcoming the jealousy up so it can release.

    You can also release on lust by asking questions like:

    I want to have, do or be _____________ but I can't because _______________.

    What want does that sitr up?

    Welcome that want.

    Could you let go of wanting that want?

    Could you let go of wanting to get that want from having, doing, or being _________________?

    Let us know how this unfolds for you,