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Complications with Releasing - Please Help

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  • Complications with Releasing - Please Help

    I took the Sedona Method in 2017 and have been releasing for over a year. Unfortunately, I am experiencing some complications.

    Before releasing, I did not feel energies moving around in my body. Since doing the Sedona Method, now see them everywhere. However, I now experience very significant painful energies in my lower torso. I experiences them in my lower spine, to the left of that area, sometimes they flow around to the front, to either the left or right side, sometimes in the sternum.

    When these energies started, they were extremely painful and I thought they would subside. In many situations, they did subside. However, whenever I am sitting comfortably and calmly, these painful energies and sensations go crazy. I can be laying on my couch for two hours watching a movie or playing a game, and as soon as I am calm and comfortable the energies just come up and I am in constant pain. It does not stop. It is predictable, repeatable, and has been happening for a very long time.

    If some of the energies find their way where I can release them, I do, and I'll be ok for a few seconds and then a new one starts within 5 seconds. As a result, it's nearly constant pain. It's agonizing and extremely disruptive. I cannot focus on anything, I cannot do anything. The pain is too severe and distracting.


    What is this??? Has anyone experienced anything like this?


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    hi there...welcome to the forum...I hope Delilah can throw some light on this for you.



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      Hi Rty22!

      First, in the interest of being thorough I want to mention that physical pain when chronic may need medical attention. TSM doesn't claim to diagnose, treat of cure any physical condition and we recommend that folks consult a medical professional. We can still release even if we consult a medical professional.

      With regards to releasing energies. when there is pain from energies moving around that usually means we are resisting the energies. When there is discomfort it could follow that there is resistance to the energy itself and then resistance to the discomfort. If you treat them like any sensation and simply bring awareness to the sensations, even painful sensation and see if you can allow the pain to do what it's doing as best you can, you will find that they will release. IOWs see if you can welcome them. We don't have to like something to welcome it. Noticing it, opening to it, allowing it to be here, giving it as much room as it needs, are all ways of welcoming. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to release. And it's an extremely powerful way to release. Also, see if there is any wanting to get rid of the sensation that you are attending to, if yes welcome that too. Allow yourself to want to get rid of it as much as you do. And then after you have done that consciously, intentionally, see if you can let go of wanting to get rid of the sensations. Keep playing around with going back and forth with that. Here is a holistic release that I recommend you explore that is consistent with this suggestion:

      Could I allow myself to want to get rid of this sensation as much as I do?

      Could I let go of wanting to get rid of this sensation as much as I do?

      And also:

      Could I resist the sensations as much as I do?

      Could I welcome the sensations as best as I can?

      An important key to having any release work optimally is to allow whatever answer we get to just be. So if you get a "no" to a question please allow that to be your answer. No really is as good as a yes. So answer honestly instead of wanting to answer "correctly." You will have better releases if you don't try to force a "yes" and you can have a fabulous release with "no" as an answer.

      If you are able, having a bit of a soak in warm tub can help to relax the muscles. If we are experiencing pain we tend to contract and tense up and that makes releasing a little more difficult.

      And making sure to move around, take a walk, put some music on and dance, any way to get the body moving can be helpful also.

      Please keep us posted on how things unfold.
      [email protected]


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        Hi Delilah,

        Thank you for your caring response.

        Before going more into the energies themselves, I find that releasing aversion to pain and discomfort is a release I have to do constantly, at least weekly. It seems as if pain inevitably results in fear of pain. Therefore, releasing fear of pain and wanting to get away from that pain, etc. is an endless life maintenance activity.

        The issue I have with these energies is that they are a little overwhelming and seem to be more than I can process. Following some observation and management, I find that I can control the rate of the pain/discomfort/sensation that is arising. The most severe ones (ones that are not releasing immediately) I can move, such as from my back to my stomach, which results in so much bloating that it is as if I've eaten a 2 pound steak. Over time, this eases and releases, but it might take an hour or so.

        My concern here is that not only are these energies seemingly immense and overwhelming my system, they also create a ton of discomfort. As a result, it's like I have 4 points of energy coming through, another 1-2 points for the discomfort, and my system can only handle 2 points at a time. Regardless of how I feel about it, and I have released on the meta emotions many times, my system cannot handle this.

        Honestly, perhaps more of the root of my issue, is that even with limited daily life activity I am having more of this energy than my system can handle. It's sad for me to admit this. It seems like, in the absence of all meta-emotions, I'm not able to regenerate and renew daily or weekly or on any consistent cycle. This is a major problem, regardless of how worried or accepting I am of that problem. My life has come almost to a stand-still from this.

        I've looked around a bit and I have not been able to find people who know what I'm talking about or have had this type of issue before. I guess what I'm wondering from the Sedona Community is...
        1. Have you experienced this issue or heard about it?
        2. If yes, what happened? What worked / didn't work?
        3. How do I stop these energies from arising or being suppressed in the first place?
        Perhaps for a #4, I'm wondering if maybe there is something I'm missing about releasing itself? I find, for example, that the energies that start in my lower back cannot be released immediately unless I do the incredibly painful merging with / being the pain until it dissolves, which exhausts me after 2 times and I do not have the energy to keep doing it (or do anything for a while). As a result, I just allow the back pain and it disappears after a few minutes to 20-30 minutes. Or, I go in there and put some effort into releasing it, which results in it going to my stomach and disappearing or it eventually going into my lungs and I breathe it out.

        What you can imagine happening from these examples is that I have tons of energies built up daily and then spend hours where my body is overwhelmed with either (a) energy, (b) pain, or (c) effort. Worse yet, if I don't do this, it builds daily and may require most if not all my weekend to process everything. My quality of life has become unsustainable. So overall, my conclusion is that there is too much energy. However, I'm wondering if there is more beyond what I'm seeing.

        Thanks for considering this and also giving me a little outlet to write this out.


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          Hi Rty22!

          You wrote, "The most severe ones (ones that are not releasing immediately) I can move, such as from my back to my stomach, which results in so much bloating that it is as if I've eaten a 2 pound steak. Over time, this eases and releases, but it might take an hour or so." This raises some concerns I have for what is going on. I will tell you about my journey with releasing energies but before I do I would like to reiterate that we can not diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. You have described having chronic pain in your previous post and now you are writing about bloating. These are physical phenomena and I lovingly recommend you consult a physician about both the chronic pain and bloating. You don't have to describe your symptoms in terms of energies but instead you can discuss chronic migrating pain and bloating and see about having some tests to rule out some things. After ruling some things out then you can focus entirely on how to develope facility with your releasing. I only say this to you because this is what I would do.

          About 25 years or so ago I began to become aware of strange reactions I had to being around people. Some people were more problematic to me than others. I would come away from being near them with terrible discomfort. I felt groggy and tired and emotionally distraught. Having a long career in mental health I considered the possibility that I was looking my mind. But upon self examination I saw that nearly everything else in my mind was working rationally. I just had this peculiar problem As uncomfortable as these energies were I was never in physical pain and outside of feeling strange movement of energies throughout my body I had no physical symptoms like bloating. I did have to spend time "releasing" the energies. This was long before I ever heard about TSM. I called the process clearing. I would have to go into a room distracted and spend sometimes and very often hours at a time clearing these energies. To say that these energies were disruptive is an understatement. I would work with clients and then spend all the rest of my waking hours clearing and very often the whole weekend doing the same. Sometimes it would take me weeks to clear a particular energy. I would be able to clear some of them but there were some that were very persistent even while I could clear the others. So for years I did this. I studied all sorts of energy modalities to find a way to gain facility with them so that I could release them more efficiently. And some of those modalities were helpful but it continued to be a problem until TSM. I released on the energies but I also released on having this problem. I released on adv/disadvs of having this problem. I released on holistically by welcoming hating the problem and loving the problem and I released on every angle of this problem by using every single releasing process and combining them and layering them in any way I I thought might help. I spent just as much time releasing as I had been clearing but with a much more structured approach because of TSM. The blessing of this challenge is that I developed great facility with releasing. I experienced an enormously wide reaching and comprehensive healing in so many areas of my life. Eventually I began to notice that the energies were becoming less and less an issue and eventually they became completely a non issue.

          I think I've answered your first two questions. My answer to your 3rd question is that if you want to stop them or you want to prevent them from "being suppressed in the first place" you are wanting to control your process and that is working at cross purposes of releasing. "Could you let go of wanting to control you process or your experiences?" This is a releasing question so see if you can welcome whatever your answer is. If releasing is hard work then there is likely resistance. Remember that resistance doesn't indicate anything about you other than you are human. Everyone has resistance. So we don't condemn resistance in releasing but we do allow it to come up fully so that it can release. You might want to focus on resisting what is happening, wanting to get rid of the energies and sensations, and wanting to control your process and as best you can slowly little by little let all the resistance go. Again,, if you are exhausted you are working too hard. Let go of wanting to work to hard as best you can. Let go wanting it to be very hard as best you can. These are things I released on a great deal. I also released on wanting to be special. And wanting to have an intractable mysterious problem and wanting to be complicated. When I write that I released on every thing I mean everything. I released on perspective or position or possibility that I could think of. I was relentless and brutally honest. There is nothing particularly special about me. If could do this so can you.

          PS There is no such thing as having too much energy. And there is no such thing as bad energy. I had to learn that latter. I thought that there was bad energy because of how problematic some energy was for me. But once I accepted that there was no such thing as bad energy and I found it was easier to release it because I wasn't resisting it from the perspective if wanting to get rid of bad energy.

          Much love,
          [email protected]


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            Thank you for sharing your story and answering my questions.

            In regards to a medical condition, this is certainly not a medical condition. I may have more medical conditions than any other human on the planet and be incredibly sick medically, but this is certainly not it. The evidence for this being energy and releasing related is overwhelming:
            1. The body sensations started while I was doing the Sedona Method
            2. The body sensations release using the various methods of the Sedona Method
            3. They certainly are energy and beliefs and such that the Sedona Method addresses. I know this because there was a release where Hale was going through the three somethings of an issue including feelings about an issue, what the issue means for you, and what that issue says about who you are. I found the energies in my head and in thinking for the second two especially. However, I found the thoughts distracting, so what I did first was distance myself meditatively which exposed the energy of the thoughts/beliefs in my head rather than the thinking. Then, I moved that energy down to the body (somehow) through a consistent path down the front of my body, so I could work on releasing with a clear and undistracted mind. It ends up going to my stomach. I have done this hundreds if not thousands of times, although now I'm a little better just releasing head energies without needing to move them. When the energy is strong / abundant, and only when the energy is really strong / abundant, is when I get the bloating when moving to the stomach.
            4. I have done the reverse of #3 before. I don't like to because it can be overloading and result in a clouded mindset / incessant thinking that is hard for me to deal with, which is why I try to move them to the body. However, if I want to move the energies to the mind where they blossom into incessant thinking, concerns, etc. I can do that.
            So, while I may have many medical conditions that are impacting this, maybe even thousands of them, there is a major releasing component here. That's what I would like to work on. I accept responsibility for addressing myself medically outside here, of course.

            As I read through your response and contemplated, I did find several issues:
            1. I want this process (whatever it is) to go as fast as possible
            2. I want this process to result in me living a pretty good and pleasant life, eliminating as much unnecessary fighting, resistance, and negativity as possible (of course as fast as possible, per #1)
            3. I don't want to be the bottleneck to living this good life; I'd rather over-exert myself and strain myself, then rest while waiting for outside events to occur. I do this elsewhere in my life as well.
            4. I don't want to accept the possibility that the only sustainable life for me right now without over-stressing, over-suppressing, over-striving, etc. is to take it easy, do little, and have few interactions with few people. I've spent the last many years chasing big dreams and enduring significant conflict with tons of people, which I ended up losing (and over-striving and suppressing, etc.). I still want to "rise above it" so to speak, which increasingly seems impossible / unsustainable.
            All four are why I'm pushing myself so hard that I am overwhelming my system with enough energies to be in frequent pain.

            This was hard to admit, but I am ready to be free from this issue. Thank you for pointing me here. I need some time to process.
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